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FanMix November 30, 2022 981
(Updated: January 14, 2024)
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Overall, few good things here and there, such as better colors, mix of Jon Williams and Hans Zimmer themes, removal of Lois from the black zero event fights etc, but couldn't entertain me probably because the editor was trying to achieve the impossible task of making a perfect movie out of sub-par source material. I thought this would be an enhanced version of Man of Tomorrow but honestly I'm kinda disappointed.
Edit: I mean no offense to the editor and not discouraging anyone from watching it. Some of the cuts were a bit to abrupt for example the bat-mobile chase scene, and in same places they took away from the flow of narration e.g. Batman befriending Superman without saying who's Martha, Perhaps with a fresher perspective I would have enjoyed it more. Either way, I have updated the score which I think more accurately represents its objective quality. Kudos to your effort and thanks a lot for giving me a chance to watch it.

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Owner's reply January 06, 2024

Something seems off in this review. A score of 6 on visual editing would indicate some significant technical issues which aren’t mentioned.. And since this edit is similar to the edit Man of Tomorrow, mentioning subpar source material doesn’t seem to line up with the very high scores the reviewer gave for Man of Tomorrow with the same “subpar source material.”

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