Son of Krypton (an edit of Man of Steel & Batman v Superman)

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2013 / 2016
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This is my own take on editor, JobWillins, overall concept in his brilliant edit Man of Tomorrow, which merges Man of Steel and Batman v Superman into one film. See further details for how Son of Krypton differs from Man of Tomorrow.
I was just going to release a Man of Steel FanFix. But after watching Man of Tomorrow a few times, I grew stronger of the opinion that the true fix was combining it with Batman v Superman. For me the heart of Man of Steel lies in two major storylines which are restored in Son of Krypton: 1) Superman saves his mother from Zod. 2) He also helps the military even though they try to kill him, gaining their respect.

This required reinstating the Battle of Smallville, though it is toned down significantly.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks go out to Job Willins. Without his brilliant edit, Man of Tomorrow, this edit would not exist.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Major changes to MOS:
1. Color correction to reduce the very slight unnatural green tone throughout and make Superman’s suit more vibrant in outdoor daylight.
2. Reduced Krypton scenes to under 5 minutes, Zod doesn’t directly murder Jor-El. Scenes rearranged and rescored for a very different experience.
3. Changes to musical score including updated music for Superman’s first flight, keeping modern-ness of Zimmer with more themes of Williams.
4. Clark joins the Daily Planet earlier.
5. While Superman is in custody at the military base, Zod arrives in Kansas, lands the World Engine (but does not start terraforming). Scenes rearranged and rescored for a very different experience.
6. Superman is released from custody and flies home to find Zod threatening his mother. He does not visit Zod in space.
7. Toned down the destruction and boss battles at Smallville and Metropolis.
8. Lois is not involved whatsoever in fighting the Kryptonians, she’s not on the military bomber with the phantom drive.
9. Zod gives shorter speeches.

Major changes to BVS:
1. Color regrade to match the natural color of MOS 4K, eliminating the gritty green tones throughout. The 4K release of MOS has a more natural grading than the Blu-Ray.
2. Most of the storyline is cut (Africa, Hearings, Clark living with Lois, etc.)
3. Updated musical score in some scenes. The new arrangement and score, particularly in the scene with Lex removing Zod's fingerprints creates a different mood and experience.
4. Lex’s weird mannerisms and outbursts are reduced, and his backstory is removed.
5. Tightened up most of the BVS scenes used.
6. Lex does not kidnap Lois or push her from a rooftop to lure Superman. Instead, Superman hears Lex calling his name with his super hearing.
7. When Clark is in his reporter persona he is less judgmental and condescending.

Major differences from MOT (in addition to the above):
1. Kept more storyline from MOS.
2. Cut more storyline from BVS, significantly toned down Lex.
3. The Krypton scenes are reduced but retained in the beginning and are not presented in a flashback.
4. Krypton scenes that resembled Star Wars removed.
5. Clark becomes Superman before Zod's broadcast (same as MOS).
6. Bruce Wayne watches Zod’s broadcast.
7. Used the snow/dad scene from BVS (with Jor-El's voice added) as the transition scene between Lois’ arrest and Superman surrendering.
8. Reinstated the battle of Smallville.
9. Different scene structure and arrangements (note some structure was borrowed from JobWillins, see below).
10. Video in 4K and audio in surround 5.1.

Ideas from other individuals which are used or completely copied in SOK:
(while different editors separately will make similar editing choices, I did not come up or would not have come up with parts of SOK and due credit is given below).

Avid 4D:
Zod’s voice matches the staticky sound of the rest of his broadcast.

1. Changed Audioslave music from scene with Clark “borrowing” clothes.
2. In the holding room Lois laughs at Superman’s joke instead of laughing at him.
3. Zod isn’t as mean to hologram Jor-El.

1. Zod dies on impact to the ground, no heat vision neck snap. Edited this scene virtually the same way as Man of Tomorrow. Added a different music cue when Zod dies. Retained more foley.
2. Recut scenes just before and after Zod is killed to show Bruce Wayne helping the little girl then brooding in the Batcave. Edited these scenes virtually the same way as Man of Tomorrow using “Beautiful Lie” from BVS soundtrack. Added foley.
3. Used tornado flashback scenes when Superman fights Doomsday. Edited the scenes and music virtually the same way as Man of Tomorrow. Added foley.
4. Recreated the same scenes after Superman’s death as Man of Tomorrow, including music.

Joseph Bennie and IronPixelChef:
Created music that I used to mix together for Superman's departure from the Scout ship and his first flight.

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