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(Updated: September 09, 2023)
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I really loved this tightened up version of the movie, but looking at the Change List of your cuts vs what I just watched (for example, you said you removed the miners beating Cybill and that you removed Chris entirely but these were both in what I saw) I'm a bit confused as to whether I saw the right version.

Regardless, I really enjoyed the movie! I've seen the original 5 or 6 times over the years and always thought it was one of the best game adaptation films. This really trimmed the fat, and I didn't even notice anything missing.

The only glaring edit for me that confused me was removing the nudity before the skin-rip, which was confusing because without seeing him grab her skin and twist it, it made me think he threw her clothing at the door but they were covered in blood in 2 seconds flat somehow. It was a bit strange.

Outside of these points, the edit is fantastic, the runtime is great, and I will keep this for my movie collection, so it gets a near perfect score from me!

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