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FanFix August 13, 2012 10034
(Updated: February 04, 2022)
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I saw this edit a few years ago, so I can't speak to any newer version. Nevertheless, this is a simply *outstanding* edit that greatly enhances the film.

As a fan of the franchise since the original playstation game, I felt that Silent Hill was a mixed bag. The visuals and sound design were excellent, and it often stayed true to the spirit of the games, but wherever it deviated, it did so clumsily. In the end, it felt like a b-movie that mostly failed to fully translate the brilliance of the source material.

Aztek's edit goes a long way in rectifying this, not only making it a better film, but a better representation of the Silent Hill universe. The edits appeared seamless to me, tightening up the pace and strengthening the central experience while trimming needless (corny) dialogue. For me, this edit is the definitive version of this film and the best way to experience it, whether you're a newcomer or someone who wants to rewatch with a fresh perspective.

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