Sicario: The Wolf Cut

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The movie is about the united states war on drugs and what does it mean for the ones affected by it, actively and passively. We get to experience it through Kate (as she´s us) and aren´t able to fathom the politics of it.
Additionally Taylor Sheridan incorporated the view of a mexican police officer, named SIlvio. That´s the point where my thoughts and edit comes in. As Sheridans approach and intend is just, i never connected to SIlvio and his fight to provide for his family. Perhaps we shouldn´t. Therefore i got the feeling that the movies grip is loosen on me. So i thought:
What would it be like, if all reference to silvios background is cut and he´s just a corrupt cop who´s merly a tool for both sites? Alejandro certainly doesn´t care much as well as the cartel.
What this war does to mexican people is a little more in-depth with Solimas Sequel.
I wanted to create a better pacing for the movie i love. Silvios storyline doesn´t have any real impact and it drags the movie for a bit too long.
Other Sources:
- Wolves howling clips
- OST of Sicario
Special Thanks:
to @Heavyside for his workprint feedback and his guidance
Release Information:
Editing Details:
First i putted cuts were i wanted to make changes, throughout the entire movie. After that i began to re-arrange scenes where necessary, followed by audio transitions and compositing.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added a slight 35mm grain structure
- cut Reggie yelling "get down" at the beginning o the raid. As i thought of it as overacting with his facial expression (fully subjective)
- re-arranging the scene where the team is pressing forward, led by Kate. Because as she approaches the corner where she finally holds (back view) the next scene is her approaching again but from the front view. Now it´ll be one fluent motion till she gets the tap on her shoulder to press forward again
- cut "where are the hostages" from the off. I don´t know of any special units team who would approach a situation like that. Asking questions before everything else is cleared and still (controlled) chaos
- cut Reggies expression "whoa" as he takes a look at the whole in the wall and re-arranged his first look to the wall as consecutive scene with his site shot "what the fuck", then close up of his face, Kate and the other collegue going towards him.
- cut approaching officer "Macer, the us attorney wants a statement...." and Kates response "The truth". What else should they say to the attorney? "Oh well, we found nothing...". The house was full of corpses.
- cut Matts hand gesture to Kates questions "what´s our objective?" and his response "to dramaticly overreact" in the meeting after the raid where she is recruited. Just let Matt smile as Kates reaction of subtle dissatifaction to this fits nicely (so i think). Therefore Matt is more shady for Kate and the viewer as we wonder what comes next.
- cut "everybody hold on" as their convoy gets redirected by the federal mexican police. Why bother saying this line . if they move on immediatly? (i´m a non-native english speaker, so if this expression got any other meaning, let me know, please)
- cut Alejandros line as they arrived at the prison "´ll be at the border". We already heard that at the briefing, twice. The viewer gets it. big jump
- lower volume of the knife-draw as delta guy is entering the tunnel. It´s way too loud
- mute "six" remain as Alejandro walks into the villa of Fausto Alarcon
- end the movie as Alejandro is walking away from Kate after forcing her to sign the document
- display movie title as he left the screen + audio adjustment from the theatrical ending.

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This is a fairly light and very well executed edit of Sicario, with clean, unnoticeable cuts and a subtle new grade. The first act in particular benefits from small cuts, and while I had no issue with Silvio, his removal does allow for the film to flow more naturally at a better pace. Great first edit from SiUse.
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