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Let me start by saying, I have not seen the original, and any lack of enjoyment is because of the plot of actual film and NOT the edit. The edit is expertly done and I have no real complaints. And frankly aside from very VERY few details I honestly would've never known this was an edit. It's that well done.

The only audio fades that were noticeable was once during the opening funeral and once during the Iron Heart chase, I was enjoying the music of the chase but then it faded and felt too short. I could tell something was cut there.

The story never lost me. It never left anything for the viewer to just assume. It's fully being told with no blank spaces to confuse the audience. GREAT JOB.

Apparently there was a subplot with the Hobbit dude and the purple haired lady which I was wondering they hired a more well known actress if she barely had any lines and then I read the changes and was like "ooooh her stuff was cut out...GOOD." Whatever was going on there, I just know it was irrelevant and obnoxious, and I wanted to see none of it.

Midnight Angel got her suit introduced, but we barely got to see her fight in it. I was surprised, but then I was like "oh yeah it was prolly cut." Honestly the CGI was so bad I'm glad a bunch of the last battle was cut.

One line I feel should've been cut was when Shuri gets offered the dress or drink or something and Iron Hearts starts to doing what Disney loves to do in all their stuff, a disgustingly obnoxious amount of name dropping. For no reason IronHeart just start rapid fire talkin bout Disney StarWars Indiana Jones and Snow White which made me want to punch through a door. AGAIN that is an issue with the original film. No knocks against this edit.

What can I say? Honestly I can't believe this isn't already the original cut. The idea that there's more stuff shoved into this movie is crazy to me because clearly it didn't need any of that. Just watch this Fan edit if you want to see a movie that's actually about a character instead of being a commercial for all the other MCU and Disney + Garbage

It's about Shuri, The Black Panther, as it always should've been.

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Owner's reply October 15, 2023

Thanks for sharing your views, I really appreciate it! I'm really sorry about the references to other disney properties, you're not the only person who has mentioned that and I could have taken that out so that's on me.

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