Sherlock: The Little That Remains/Adventure of CAM

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Sherlock: The Little That Remains/Adventure of CAM
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Sherlock returns from the dead and faces great changes and challenges.
Original Movie Title:
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Original Release Date:
Original Running Time:
96 minutes & 99 minutes
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
48 minutes & 68 minutes
Time Cut:
37 minutes & 11 minutes
Time Added:
5 minutes & 2 minutes
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Brief Synopsis:
This condensed two-episode double feature aims to leave the viewer with a sense of ambigiouty over Sherlock's survival, as well as a more swift and immediate response to Mary Watson's predicament rather than go through some playful baiting tactics. In addition to that, footage from a mini-sode and a deleted scene have been inserted into the edits to give the viewing experiance something fresh. Also included is an all new alternative ending.
To cut away all the filler and create something that could tell the same stories in less time, as well as provide Sherlock with something he'll never be allowed to have... a bit of a Disney ending.
Other Sources:
Sherlock series three DVD (episodes, mini-sode and deleted scene)
Sherlock series three soundtrack (transistional music cues)
Guide to St. Barts Hospital Presentation Reel
Special Thanks:
ranger613, musiced921, Jerick, emansfw
Release Information
Editing Details:
Used Adobe Premiere to edit the standard DVD of Sherlock series 3 and utilized the soundtrack of both the official series three album as well as a track from Stan Bush.
Cuts and Additions:

-Removed Anderson's "Bungee Cord" theory
-Added a few minutes of "Many Happy Returns" mini-sode until Anderson realizes Sherlock is returning. Titles follow.
-Reporters talking about Holmes being vindicated cut.
-John morning Sherlock and going on the tube cut
-John entering the apartment and explaining his upcoming engagement to Mrs. Hudson cut
-Sherlock's capture, torture, and meeting with Mycroft cut
-Sherlock being briefed by Mycroft on the terrorist attack cut. Sherlock making plans to surprise John cut
-John explaining his situation to Mrs. Hudson cut
-Sherlock and Molly solving several cases cut
-Jack The Ripper investigation cut
-Removed flash of light and fade out when John readies himself for the end
-Removed Sherlock explaining to Anderson how he survived and Anderson's breakdown
-Sherlock meeting Molly's rebound boyfriend cut

Adventure of CAM
-John and Mary in bed cut
-Title sequence plays after Sherlock meets John in the drug den
-Molly slapping Sherlock after the piss test shortened to just the one slap
-Deleted Scene added after Sherlock is shot
-Sherlock's struggle to stay alive within the mind palace after being shot significantly cut
-Sherlock and Janine at the hospital cut
-Sherlock and John confronting Mary in the abandoned housing urging her to use her gun cut
-Moriarty's "Did you miss me" montage cut
-Closing credits song is “Thunder In Your Heart” from Stan Bush
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Great job with this one Zarius! Being a huge Sherlock fan, I truly enjoyed this edit. The first episode is just as its title, the little that remains. Very streamlined and fast paced which is nice to see in Sherlock. The Adventures of CAM is a great cut of the original. There are good cuts in this, but sadly the narrative kinda suffers due to the skip of the wedding, because suddenly Mary and John are married, but I and the people who have watched the original episodes can easily connect the dots so that's alright.

Also, this awesome edit inspired my own first edit, The Return of Sherlock, so, thanks a lot Zarius!

I'll certainly recommend this edit for anyone that enjoys a good dose of Sherlock. :)
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(Updated: August 28, 2017)
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A splendid trim of the third series, with a fast-paced first episode and a follow-up adventure with Magnussen and Mary as centerpieces. Zarius has edited both episodes with great care, with the audio and video seamlessly stitched together. A slight drop in video quality in the beginning; my uneducated guess is that the minisode came in a different flavor of video quality.

All in all, this works very well as a trimmed version of series 3. I will say that because much (if not all) of the second episode is gone, information in Adventure of CAM has to be filled in by the viewer. Not knowing the original episodes might confuse a new viewer for a moment. As such, this becomes a great companion piece and continuation to theryaney's The Return of Sherlock, watching them back-to-back.

The narrative is otherwise compelling, yet streamlined.


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