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I have to qualify this recommendation based on what you expect. Firstly, I did NOT like this movie. (My review is here: If you're expecting that these alternate scenes will improve the character development or add more depth, I wouldn't recommend this. In many of the scenes, I can see why they were cut or reshot. I think the theatrical versions are less cheesy (though often still cheesy) and work better in terms of the flow of the film. So this version is not going to improve the film for most people.
However, if you already like the film a lot and just want an alternate way to view it, this will do the trick. The edits are mostly quite smooth and well done, except for a couple of visual transitions where the screen was black for noticeably long (about 5 seconds) between added scenes. It's also debatable if the opening scene repeats the one that occurs just after, where really a choice should be made about which version of the opening to include, instead of both.
I really didn't enjoy this film much, but that's not the editor's fault. So I can't give a "1" as my enjoyment score here. But in terms of improving my enjoyment of the theatrical, I think that cut actually works better for me, hence the "7" here. The way the three ending scenes were added with the credits was also a bit odd...I think I might have juggled those around or something, too. So this edit is a decent way to rewatch, but not a shelf-replacer for me.

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