Seinfeld: The Extended Series - Season 1 & 2

Seinfeld: The Extended Series - Season 1 & 2
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The Show About Nothing - Now With Even More Nothing!
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The continuing misadventures of neurotic New York City stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic New York City friends - bungling George Costanza, frustrated working gal Elaine Benes and the eccentric neighbor Cosmo Kramer.

All cut scenes and jokes from the Season 1 and 2 DVDs have been masterfully reintegrated back into the 5 episodes with available deleted scenes.
After rewatching the series on DVD and looking through the bonus features at the deleted scenes, I thought they were neat so I added them back in.
Other Sources:
Seinfeld: The Complete Season 1 and 2 DVD Box Set - Main source for all episodes
Seinfeld: The Complete Season 4 DVD Box Set: Episode 12: The Airport - An establishing shot of traffic at night was taken from here and used in The Ex-Girlfriend (So2E01)
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Editing Details:
I used the PAL DVD Boxsets as they have a higher resolution than the standard US DVDs (576p vs 480p) and sped the episodes up by 5% to negate the PAL speedup. The deleted scenes were interlaced, so I deinterlaced them and did some minor colour-corrections when needed.

I also moved the typical and Bobson Dugnutt title card to the end so that if you watch these as part of a marathon or just with the regular episodes, they don't intrude.
Cuts and Additions:
Male Unbonding - S01E04
- Added extended conversation with Joel at the end of the episode about borrowing a tape

The Ex-Girlfriend - S02E01
- Added George telling Jerry that he'll fake a kidnapping on himself to avoid breaking up with a girl
- Added Jerry trying to ask George to get a guy to let him in. (while driving). I reused a shot from The Airport for an establishing shot here.
- Added Kramer giving George some of his great cantalope

The Jacket - S02E02
- Added extended shopping scene with Jerry trying on some pants as well as a jacket. I added back some of the opening credits and recreated them as best I could.

The Heart Attack - S02E08
- Added extended scene of George having a "heart attack" with a Monk's Cafe chef yelling at George for bringing in an outside cucumber
- Added Elaine talking about a magazine she was reading in the ER. I had to cut a line from George as it was impossible to edit around.
- Added the ER nurse forcibly taking the magazine back. Also cut an ADRed line from Jerry here cause of a laugh track

The Chinese Restaurant - S02E11
- Added George talking about spraining his leg muscles

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