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Review by boon23 — July 7, 2008 @ 11:59 am

Romero’s Land Of The Dead: Unrated FanCut by Mollo / a review by boon23

I have to confess I was really suspicious, how this fanedit would turn out, or if it would at all be interesting to watch. On the one hand I was a bit disappointed by Mollo’s last fanedit, because I could not adapt to his vision (Bourne dead?), which kind of spoiled the overall entertainment for me, and on the other hand LAND OF THE DEAD was as an original an incredibly big disappointment to me, which I as a faneditor myself did not really consider salvageable. So, in a bit of spare time, I just started watching this on my PC, did not even want to burn the DVD for now, and was blown away.

The edit:
Awesome! I finally watched a true zombie movie and in my opinion a great one. It did not have any real social criticism or whatever people love to interpret into these kind of movies, although those scenes were there, but felt (and wonderfully felt that way) like they were mocking the more intellectual takes. This was a true horror movie, an apocalyptic end of the world scenario and it had a constant flow to it, which I really enjoyed. The evolution of the zombies, one of the major concerns I had with the original, is there, but subtle, not so superficially in your face. This continues what was started in DAY OF THE DEAD (although this movie was not used in the additional scenes from what I recall). The beginning montage worked great and I enjoyed a lot how well THE TRUMAN show and V FOR VENDETTA fit into that. The use of snippets from other movies was fantastic and added a lot to the overall atmosphere. DAWN OF THE DEAD, DAWN OF DEAD 2003, DIARY OF THE DEAD, they all had their appearance and were masterfully inserted. There were still quite soem campy scenes, but they never felt out of place and IMO opinion add to a zombie movie. And the gore: was incredibly much and really disgusting. I loved it. The ending worked great this way and even the credits montage was cool (although again incredibly long and a bit stuttering, when the original credits were scrolling). Let me say from the depth of my heart: thank you, Mollo, for this wonderful movie, you have made from this turd.
editing: 5 of 5,
entertainment: 5 of 5

Image quality:
The image quality was (although a low bitrate was used) very good. Sharp and crisp picture, action scenes were still sharp. The different video sources were masterfully inserted. Some of the TV scenes look a bit artificial, because of the static frame. This was a lot of work and it shows.
video quality: 5 of 5

Audio quality:
There are some minor audio gaps and the audio comes in pcm wave stereo instead of surround sound. Still: wonderful work, great adjustment of audio levels for the various sources that were used, great adding of additional or different score. Great audio for the credits!!!
audio: 5 of 5

The DVD:
The main menu and scene selection menus are all animated, although a bit monotone, as the same short scene gets repeated all the time. Still they look very good. Audio on the menus is also very well chosen. The fanedit comes with a nice deleted scene montage with beautiful intermissions. Cover art is also there. Great.
DVD: 5 of 5

resulting in a (and again hold your breath, because I am doing this VERY rarely)5 of 5 overall rating from me.
A masterpiece of fanediting. Highly recommended. BUT beware: it is a zombie movie and definitely not for the faint of heart.
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