Romero’s Land Of The Dead: Unrated FanCut

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Romero’s Land Of The Dead: Unrated FanCut
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For Every One Human Alive There Are One Millions Zombies. What Would You Do?
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An ambitious fanedit to keep LOTD more in line with the three previous Romero Dead Films. Reduced is the Zombies reasoning and lots of obvious special make-up effects. The level of gore and carnage has been increased. Finally this is a trure Romero Zombie movie.
What I have tried to do with this FanEdit is to create a film more in keeping with the three previous Romero Dead Films. I have removed money as a motivator and reduced the Zombies reasoning. I have also removed the more obvious special make-up effects and increased the level of gore and carnage. I have also trimmed the more formulaic dialogue and attempts at light humor. There is a new prologue, whole new sequences and a new ending.

I will let you judge if this works or not.
Other Sources:
Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead
Romero’s Day Of The Dead
Romero’s Diary Of The Dead
Truman Show
V For Vendetta
Dawn Of The Dead (Remake)
Special Thanks:
Thank You to Tranzor and boon for your support and help with this project.
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  • DVD
  • DVD
Special Features
The FanCut Floor
Editing Details:
Notes On Sound Editing

New: Sounds of sickening carnage have been added.
New: Many Music cues have been added.
New: Numerous Sound Effects and Ambience have been added.

Many other cuts and changes have been made that are not listed.
Cuts and Additions:

Cuts Removed/Added/Extended

Contains Serious Spoilers!!!!

1. New: Prologue: To establish the state of the world.
2. New: Opening Scene. Re-positioned & Re-cut with New Land Of The Dead Title.
3. Cut: Original Beginning with Dialogue concerning the Zombies evolving or learning outside Gas Station.
4. New: Scavengers or Raiders.
5. Cut: Zombie woman puppet.
6. Cut: Introduction of Charlie and most of his incessant whining through out this FanCut.
7. Cut: Parts of the opening confrontation between Cholo and Riley.
8. Cut: Concentration on Big Daddy (Hero Zombie), his motivation of the Zombies and his communication with other Zombies.
9. Cut: Big Daddy stamping on the Zombie severed head.
10. Cut: The conscious decision by Big Daddy to lead the Zombies and follow Dead Reckoning. Now it’s more instinctive.
11. New: Promotional Video about Fiddler’s Green
12. Cut: Some of the forced confrontation between the Riley and Cholo after the scavenge.
13. Cut: All references to money as a motivating factor have been removed.
14. New: More establishing shots of the human ghetto outside the Fiddler’s Green Tower.
15. Cut: Riley’s numerous good deeds in the Ghetto.
16. Cut: Riley and Revolutionary scene. Also more of Riley’s good deeds.
17. Cut: Revolutionaries ill son.
18. Cut: Big Daddy’s more obvious reactions to seeing the hanging Zombies that were used as target practice.
19. Cut: All of the Cholo’s telephone calls concerning a pay-off.
20. Cut: The skateboarder kid scenes.
21. New: Added more carnage to Zombie attack of compound.
22. Cut: Scene with Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) in the boardroom talking of leaving Fiddler’s Green.
23. Cut. Big Daddy jumping into the river.
24 Cut. Big Daddy inciting the use of tools on reaching the city limits.
25. Cut: Big Daddy showing a woman Zombie how to use an automatic rifle.
26. Cut: Some of Zombie’s picking up tools.
27. Cut: Big Daddy reasoning that the nematic drill can be used at the Fiddler’s Green Tower.
28. Cut. Kaufman packing money in a vault area.
29. Cut: Kaufman exiting the lift and shooting an executive.
30. Cut: Tom Savini’s cameo as a Zombie. (He has been given a new cameo)
31. Cut: Riley asking for Slack (Asia Argot) to fire when he is attacked by the Zombie Bridge Keeper
32. Cut: Shots of Riley on the window of Dead Reckoning and Slack’s light-hearted reactions.
33. Cut: Certain moments so it is less obvious that all the Zombies entering the Mall are using of tools.
34. New: Extension of the carnage in the mall.
35. Cut: Kaufman escaping and shooting at Big Daddy.
36. New: Shots of Kaufman being bitten on the neck by the Cholo Zombie.
37. Cut. Big Daddy blowing up the car and killing Kaufman and Cholo.
38. New: Dead Reckoning firing Rockets at underpass.
39. New: Big explosion under the over-pass and Zombies being blown to bits.
41. Cut: Revolutionaries and Survivors emerging.
42. Cut: Final smiles and Slack’s line “You saved them!”
43. New: More serious expressions from the cast as if all inside Fiddler’s Green have become the undead.
44. New: End Credit Sequence and Music.
Cover art by Mollo (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Cover art by AvP (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Disc art by Ziz (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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Zombie movies are my favourite movies but unfortunately I never really liked Land of the Dead, so I'm glad for Mollo's much needed edit that actually makes this movie enjoyable and turns it into a true zombie movie. I enjoyed the way the opening was put together showing what happened during the outbreak and how it played out. The flow, story and changed elements all improve this movie, the ending was also better then the original having no civilians survive the zombie attack makes it more dark compared to the original and even the credits montage was pretty cool. This will be my go to version from now on as this edit excels in all aspects and I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants a more enjoyable and improved version of the original.
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I always liked Land of the Dead, but I'm glad for Mollo's alternate edition. The movie feels more to the point and I enjoyed seeing it without the sentient Zombie plotline.

The quality varies in the segments with added footage, especially in the new prologue. I loved the way that opening was put together but I couldn't help but notice how different every shot looked. Otherwise the editing was great throughout.

If you're a Romero fan, I recommend this edit.

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
Review by jelio — December 29, 2009 @ 7:03 pm

I rated this movie 8 out of 10 because the source material is just not good enough to warrant better.
For example even this corrected movie is not as good as Romeros Day of the Dead (The modern one that takes place in the shopping mall)

Now as for the skill of the editor i found no mistakes or problems 10 out of 10 on that front.
Also did he polish the hell out of this turd? yes he did this movie is better than the original by miles.

So i endorse seeing this movie if you never saw the original or if you love zombie movies and hated the original.
But if you didnt like the original and you are indifferent about zombie movies then skip it, its way better than the original but its not must see viewing.

Excellent work, excellent cut of the movie, far superior to the original 8/10
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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
Review by zeppelinrox — December 17, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

Well, I can’t add anymore to what’s already been said.
Great edit.
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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
Review by sdavmor — August 30, 2010 @ 10:39 pm

*This rating was given before reviews were required*
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