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it's been a long time since I've seen Rocky V, it's the film that came with the box set that I never had any intention in watching and the general feeling I had was that it is the weakest in the series. While this edit may improve a lot that was wrong with the original film I still found it to be a pretty bad film. The character of Duke is just a Don King rip-off while Tommy Gunn is for me the weakest villain in the Rocky series. And I do believe this is Sly's worst performance as Rocky Balboa, he's almost impersonating the character that I know and loved. The edit it self is extremely well done, I didn't notice any obvious cuts, while the only thing that stood out in terms of a scene that had been removed was when Rocky mentions Duke before we've had the chance to see just who he is.

the problem I have with Rocky V is that there is nothing memorable about the film, with Rocky I it was all about the underdog story, Rocky II had Rocky running with the kids running behind him, the double knock down and we still had a great villain in Apollo Creed. Rocky III introduced the world to Mr T and Hulk Hogan while Rocky VI has way to many memorable moments (I consider it to be one of the best worst movies of all time) while Rocky Balboa was made at a time when Sly's career reflected the character of Rocky. Last Survivors edit certainly gives us something memorable in the form of 80's soundtrack, which complements the edit making it seem a more natural follow up to part VI.

One thing that stood out for me was just how everything occurs within a short time span, most notable the character of Tommy Gunn who appears to have a 22 unbeaten streak within a very short period. It's very noticeable when after the last fight he has with Rocky as his trainer to his title shot match this seems to happen within a week. This is more of a problem with the film than it is with the edit but maybe a couple of title cards here and there showing that time has moved on would have helped, but that would of course would ask the question why his son never ages

Overall this edit is well done and I'm glad that it gave me the chance to watch Rocky V again, however I find myself in a strange situation that I enjoyed the edit but didn't enjoy the film. All I will say is that if your like me, your copy of Rocky V has never been used then this edit is a great excuse to watch Rocky V again. I've briefly listened to the commentary track in which Last Survivor gives an entertaining insight as to the changes he's made
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