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DominicCobb's Revenge of the Sith edit is an excellent breath of fresh air, somehow, for a movie with well over 20 entries on the IFDb, The big and unique selling points are probably the color grade (ROTS has never looked better) and the re-scores (using OT/R1/unused ROTS stuff) and they really are quite spectacular, rest asssured, But there's an even bigger draw for me here, and that's the second act's structure.

My friends, Dom cracked the code.

The biggest issue I always have with ROTS edits - be it IFDb listed ones such as Hal9000's or L8wrtr's, or others such as NFBisms' - is that they shuffle things around in that middle there, either fundamentally altering story beats (Hal) or just going about it in such a way I find outright worse than what Lucas and co. came up with in '05. It took a long ass time (much longer than it did for AOTC) but Dom here finally presents something that doesn't take away from either the political motivation OR from the emotional motivation for Anakin's turn, instead really significantly enhancing both. They complement each other more naturally and it really accomplishes something I thought was impossible - to make Anakin's character better.

I love the original movie and could watch it any day of the week, and for that reason I'd given up on fan edits of it after none of the big or small ones did it for me. But Dom's here, for the most part, does. I won't say I agree with every cut but I get the reasoning behind all of them, and they're all sound. Dom's edit is a true step forward in ROTS fan editing and hopefully is already part of the canon of quintessential viewings for ROTS editors, SW fans, PT fans, or fan editing fans. Really great work. Definitely recommend.

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