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FanFix October 04, 2023 1617
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Audio and video cuts are smooth, expertly done.

I disagree with the previous reviewer; I can see no “continuity error” at 0h27m30. I do agree regarding the other (very minor) continuity error, though, at 1h08m55 (Leia’s body and head position), but it’s barely noticeable.

Nice opening crawl. Concise and objective.
Jabba acts much better in this version; damn he is a scoundrel. Boba Fett also looks a lot more competent.
The entire sail barge fight flows much better, with a bit less goofiness as well.

The briefing is a lot cleaner, and things goes straight to the point. A few changes improve the Luke / Leia conversation, and also the Leia / Han conversation.

Great way to fix the Emperor’s surprise!
Also, the Teddy Bear battle has been shortened, it flows better like this. In my opinion, even less Teddy Bears would be a win, but then there would be almost no end battle, so this seems like an unachievable fix.
Han being jealous of Luke: that’s gone, it made no sense in the original.

Great ending! I cannot praise it enough, that is the highlight of this version.
Luke celebrating in the original was insane, it always seemed a continuity error to me. Now that’s fixed, and the last scene really changes the tone, the ending becomes much more powerful.
Overall, the film gets a more mature tonality, as was the stated goal.

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