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To be completely honest, I’m not a fan of this movie. Well, I absolutely adore the Throne Room stuff but despise everything else. So I was curious to see what DK could do with it. Poorly conceived scenes like pretty much everything on Tatoonine and everything with the Ewoks are minimized if not fixed. And there are definitely head scratchers from the original that are narratively fixed. There’s still precious little of substance that happens in the first 2/3 of the movie though and that lack of story makes the silliness less forgivable.  But that’s not something DK can do much about and he has trimmed it down substantially. Things that seemed cool in 83 feel quaint or downright dated now and it’s all just so much more noticeable in this film than the previous two due to lack of good storytelling.  The ending is much improved IMO, and critically Han is left a much better character (though I still think there’s little story arc left for Leia or Han in this movie). To be brief, I have a hard time sitting through most of this movie, but DK has made it about as palatable as it is likely to get.  
I’m not an editor so I perhaps don’t have a keen eye for the technical, but I didn’t notice anything that seemed out of place. There are some jarring cuts in this movie but I’m 99% sure they were always there.  A few of DK’s cuts feel like they come too quickly, but I think that is more due to the fact that, knowing the source material so well, you expect something to be there and then it isn’t. The only issue I had is with the very ending. The cut to the credits isn’t smooth. But DK had told me he made improvements there after I downloaded but I couldn’t get the fix to work. So I’m reluctant to drop points since it may well be already fixed. 
In summary, I think this is a great edit for those that want to keep RotJ more or less intact but minimize some of the poor narrative choices.  And it looks great on my 88” TV! 

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