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DK has done an AMAZING job with this edit. Jedi was always my loveable but a tad frustrating entry in the OT. After the masterpiece of Empire, it was always going to be tough to follow it up. And the less capable director, kiddie-oriented Ewoks, and some strangely-delivered dialogue and story points made this a less than perfect film already.

With all that said, DK has done a great job in elevating ROTJ into a more serious, more seamless, and more worthy movie! The edits made the Jabba's Palace scene move more quickly and make more sense, the Rebels interactions with the Ewoks wastes less time, and Han really benefits most from the edit, coming across as less buffoonish!

I still have my own personal preferences that differ a bit from the editor's choices. Putting Vader's funeral pyre after the finale celebration makes Luke isolated from his friends rather than with them (he reason he beat the Emperor– faith in his friends). And it made the transition to the end credits a bit jarring. I'm also not a fan of the original Yub Nub song, much preferring John William's celebration score in the Special Editions. But that's all just me!

The video source is a bit grainy for my tastes too, but it does give it the original release feel. If you prefer that, you'd definitely give it a 10. But most all of the edits, transitions, audio, etc. is excellent! Great work on elevating ROTJ into a better class of film, in all the ways that were possible!

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