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Compared the Spence's final edit, this is more of a gentle trimming. Boba Fett's awful death is here. Obi-Wan's force ghost is present. Leia talks about memories with her mother and the cheesy ending remains (with Sebastian Shaw's ghost). I was hoping mostly that the Ewoks had been cut down quite considerably, but unfortunately not as much as I'd hoped.

But that aside, it's still a brilliant edit if you want a more fuller lengthier version of RotJ and if you are a fan of the film then I think this would be the edit more to your likening. The cuts are seamless. The audio has no faults. It uses some of the "remaster edits" as I did see the odd CGI character (yet the Sarlacc Pit is the original version - maybe the editors on here just prefer the original? Who knows). Jabba's Palace does seem more lengthier, but the cheesy dance numbers are removed, which will please many.

Conclusion? If you aren't a purist and desire a more film length edit then here it is. No big shocks or anything to annoy the fans really.

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