Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City - New Game Plus

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With my edit, Leon and Claire become the heroes of their own stories, and the simpler plot trims the runtime to less than 90 minutes, leaving a quick and more enjoyable experience to wrap up before it overstays its welcome.
After 20 years of bad live-action adaptations of Resident Evil, “Welcome to Raccoon City” is my favorite, so I figured I might as well try to optimize it. I like the casting, cinematography, original score, set design, and how it at least generally emulates the structure of the first two games. I dislike the bloated plot and out-of-character behavior, especially for Leon.
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"Don't Drink the Water" by Dave Matthews Band
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Cuts and Additions:

• Removed subplots I thought broke immersion, slowed pacing, or otherwise were executed poorly:
- Chris and Claire growing up at the orphanage, including all flashbacks. Although: The Redfields still lost their parents at a young age, Chris still grew up under William and Umbrella's influence, and Claire still ran away from home and distrusts William and Umbrella.
- Everything related to Lisa, who doesn’t make sense without the flashbacks
• Significantly reframed how Leon's characterized. He's still a rookie, but:
- He's no longer at the receiving end of every criticism, outburst, or joke
- He didn’t transfer to Raccoon City because of a friendly fire accident
- He doesn’t appear to be touching a gun for the first time
- He doesn’t let Ben steal the gun
- He defends himself more proactively
• Removed the mid-credits scene, partly because it's cheesy and partly because it teases a highly unlikely sequel
• Changed some of the background music where necessary because of heavily edited scenes
• Updated the logo and time stamps to emulate the style of the video game series


• Removed a shot of Claire eating unrefrigerated pizza
• Removed dialogue suggesting Leon's interested in Jill romantically
• Removed dialogue/shots suggesting a Chris/Jill/Wesker love triangle
• Removed or shortened some of Chief Irons' outbursts
• Removed a generic “creepy children’s toy” shot

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