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Overall I enjoyed this edit and I think it helped the movie. There's not a lot to work with, so only so much can be done.

First, the good. Adding in the gun barrel Bond trope fits--it is kind of odd to not have it. Replacing the theme song was a decided improvement; I'm not 100% convinced of the P!nk song but it fits overall and is a massive improvement over the awful original.

Trimming the action sequences works. This is a Bond film, not a Bourne film, so the chases and fights shouldn't be the focus. In particular the opera sequence is fantastic IMHO. Going slow motion with just the music track get across the brutality of the fight without getting in the viewer's face about it. The Vesper flashbacks generally works. Same goes for the final hotel fight, though it isn't quite as effective. The technique helps to highlight Bond's state of mind.

Having a callback montage at the beginning is a good idea since this is a rare actual sequel film. Which segues me into the criticism. The initial sequence felt overlong. Probably picking up a couple of short clips then right to the sinking elevator and aftermath would be enough--not a summary of the entire Casino Royale.

Moving the Sienna chase to before the opening credit sequence also didn't work for me. It moved the credit sequence too far into the film--15 minutes or so in? It felt wrong.

As mentioned, some of the flashbacks to Vesper were a bit abrupt, even if appropriate.

With the cutting, the thin story and weak villain became almost secondary. It started to become more of Bond ignoring M's orders and avoiding getting caught by her and the other agents. Again, not much to work with here.

In the end I did enjoy the edit and it works, it's just not my favorite work by Last Survivor.

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