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First off I know I'm a tad bit late to the game on this one. But c'mon just how many Star Wars edits are there????? Anyway I was sorting through some titles and realized I hadn't watched this one. I know it's in the style of a Tarantino film, but with the music score (Tarantino yes) I was hald waiting for Clint Eastwood to round the corner waiting to paint the town red. The mood of this and the split screens brought me back to the 70s and even the 60s. And with about 40 minutes cut, you don't even notice. Even though I don't do techie reviews I can see this took a bit of time and effort. I told a friend about this title, he's new to fan edits and sent him a link to watch. He's very curious about what he's going to see. My only knock is sometimes the music overtook the dialogue. Other than that on my popcorn scale of entertainment I will give this a 7 out 5 it's that good and enjoyable. Well onto my next title

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