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since prometheus realise i must have watched it some 20+ times, for all of it's faults it's a film i find entertaining and never boring. as the fanedits start to trickle in slowly agent 9 version of the film will be remembered in years to come as one of the definitive fanedits to prometheus.

there are many aspects to prometheus that didn't bother me as they seem to bother others, but that being said the cuts made here are all done to a very high standard. the high point to this edit is how millburn and fifield are no-longer the idiotic buffoons they came across in the theatrical version, it's one of the biggest problems i had with the film.

but that's just one of the many highlights this edit has to offer, and while agent 9 is a new comer in terms of edits realised it's obvious that he knows what he's doing and i'd certainly will keep an eye on any future edits that he creates.

my only gripe with the edit is that millburn isn't introduce by name earlier, though this is really nip picking on my behalf. agent 9 prometheus special edition sets a the bar high and while i look forward to more edits on prometheus this version is the best i've seen so far and even replaces the original.

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