Prometheus: Paradise Edition

Prometheus: Paradise Edition
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124 minutes
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Fanedit Running Time:
130 minutes
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9 minutes
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14 minutes
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Brief Synopsis:
This fanedit has a completely new opening, and deleted scenes have been re-intergrated from the 4-disc Blu-ray set. All new material has been color corrected, scored, and VFX added to the deleted scenes that were originally not finished in post-production.

This edition removes and adds many things, giving some much needed character motivation/development, and a much stronger narrative that the original theatrical cut was lacking.
I really liked Prometheus, but had a lot of issues. I really did not like the opening of the film, I felt showing the Engineers right from the start was not a great choice, it is an awesome looking shot, but I felt it killed all of the suspense of what why the crew is travelling to the planet, and what they are looking for. They should've been revealed at the same time that the crew first sees them.

Also showing Shaw and Halloway finding the map in the caves I felt was also unnecessary, because they talk about it again during their mission briefing, it took too long to get the film going, and introduce the crew of the Prometheus.

I also thought a handful of the deleted scenes (not all of them) from the Blu-ray were actually great scenes of character development and more tense, and some of them explain some of the character motivations later on in the movie. My goal in doing this was to try and make a version of Prometheus that was more cohesive, and had more surprises than the original theatrical version.
Other Sources:
Marc Streitenfeld & Harry Gregson-Williams - Prometheus (Expanded) (2012) CD set for elements for transitions.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • Digital
Editing Details:
- Nuke/Photoshop/Graphics Tablet to remove cables for the deleted scenes that weren't fixed in Post originally.
- Sony Vegas for editing, and Davinci Resolve for Color Grading.
- Any Deleted/Alternate scenes used, were color matched, to match the Theatrical version of the film.
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut Engineer Opening
- Cut Scotland Discovery
- New opening credits during David alone on the Prometheus.
- Fixed scene with Milburn popping up twice waiting in line in the kitchen to get something to drink.
- Inserted deleted scene of Janek talking to Vickers about Christmas (from Deleted Scenes)
- Inserted Millburn's discovery of Alien life (from Deleted Scenes)
- Cut Fifield howling when he let's his pups out.
- After Engineer head explodes scene, Inserted Milburn smelling the shedded skin he finds (from Deleted Scenes)
- Inserted Shaw's speech about how the world came to be (From Deleted Scenes)
- Used Alternate Scene of Shaw watching the footage found and when she has sex with Halloway (From Deleted Scenes)
- Used Alternate version of Fifield transformation. (Deleted Scenes)
- After Shaw is drugged, scene cuts to Vickers and Janek conversation (from Deleted Scenes) Then cuts back to Shaw trying to get that thing out of her.
- Used Alternate scene of Vickers talking to Weyland. (From Deleted Scenes)
- Used Alternate scene of when Engineer is awoken (From Deleted Scenes)
- Used Alternate scene of Shaw hiding in escape pod and fight with Engineer (From Deleted Scenes)
- Used Alternate scene of Shaw talking to David about Paradise (From Deleted Scenes)
- Moved scene of the Deacon to post-credit scene, it seemed out of place even in the original film.
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I find this to be my favourite edit of Prometheus. The deleted scenes are tastefully seamlessly integrated, and other erroneous plot details are left out. However I found the right channel to be slightly louder than the left, and the left channel seemed to have some sort of very slight echo/reverb. Not sure exactly what is going on, but I could tell something was off. I noticed it, but it did not really affect the viewing experience. In the infamous scene where Shaw runs in front of the rolling donut ship, there is a clip of her as she turns around and then in the next shot she turns around again. That was the only time I noticed any sort of issue!

Even despite these minor issues, I still really enjoy this edit. It is unfortunate that the editor is no longer active here!

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