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I'm a huge movie guy and I've been on the site for about a year checking out all the great work all the editors have done. In true cliche fashion, it was Adywan's Star Wars edit that brought me to the site but I've been a devoted follower ever since. I mention Adywan in this review because his edit is what I think a fanedit should accomplish: polishing the rougher parts of a film to make it into something better or something new. Quite like Adywan's edit, Severian has most definitely achieved this feat and in seemingly simple ways.

I've loved the Alien films since I was a kid and Ridley Scott is (maybe used to be at this point) a master of SF. I was so incredibly pumped for the film and then I remember leaving the theater scratching my head. There were so many fantastic ideas in the film, and it looked gorgeous, but it was missing a core experience for me to connect to. Once I saw that an edit had been done for the film, and that Severian seemed to feel the same way about the original cut, I had to check out his edit and I was not disappointed. Here's my breakdown on each category:

The film still looks gorgeous and there were only a few moments where the image was slightly fuzzy.

The visual editing is amazing. I honestly could not tell that this was a fanedit (aside from seeing the original film of course). Every scene was treated with care and the changes all flowed easily into one another. I was also scratching my head at the end of Severian's work but for a different reason: how in the world did he make something so soulless find it's way again so easily? Reading the cut/changes list doesn't do this edit justice. Severian has taken an original work and made it insanely better by adding a real connection to it.

The audio editing is also flawless. I didn't notice any issues in the sound and it played quite well over my surround sound.

Like I've said a few times, I honestly disliked the original cut and Severian delivered an Alien movie that I proudly display next to the first two. I can only hope that Ridley Scott takes a page from Severian's book as he continues the franchies; if not, at least I know Severian will be there to give the fans good films. Honestly, if you liked the original or hated it, check out Severian's cut. The cuts are all flawless and it is impossible to tell that it is a fanedit; this is the version that should have been shown in theaters. Thanks for the experience!

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