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i enjoyed Prometheus sure it was flawed but i didn't find any part of the film boring and having seen it many times over the last year it's an entertaining film. my major criticism of the film that it follows the first in a trilogy route. for me i would rather have seen a more direct prequel to alien and have any sequels based off the idea of shaw and david going to the engineers home planet. as it is i feel we have half a story and as it stands right now no definite conformation that a follow up will ever be made.

severian fanedit plays out as more of an extended version of prometheus, most people that have seen the deleted footage would agree that it helps the film given that many of the scenes add to the characters motives / development. for a first time fanedit there is some great work to be seen here, the deleted scenes are inserted perfectly the scene between vickers and wayland with the added music is perfect. the line re-edit when vickers is talking to the crew for the first time is again done perfectly, without ever seeing the original film you wouldn't know it had been done. looking at the cut list after seeing the edit there are many things that had been cut that i didn't notice had been removed.

however i feel opening the edit with two viral shorts was a mistake, for me it felt the edit had two introductions and would have been better with just using one. the scott free and dune logos seemed a little out of place and a better font could have been used for the title. a longer film doesn't mean a better film and for me i would have liked the edit to have been a bit more bolder with it's cuts. i'm also not a fan of when editors include unfinished deleted scenes into there edits. though the unfinished scenes that have been included in severians fanedit would have improved the original film having them within this fanedit gives it a more work-print feel.

i also didn't understand the editors intent with the inclusion of the cave scene / sacrifice scene. as we go into the films final act we have what i presume to be a flahback scene. while is nicely done it grinds the story to halt and doesn't show us the viewer anything that we already know. a better sequence would have maybe to move the sex scene between shaw and holloway to this part given that it would have been shaws last good memory of them being together plus it ties in with whats about to happen to her.

i never subscribe to the idea that a fanedit replaces the original for me a good fanedit should offer those wanting to re-watch a film there familer with a solid alternative. and this fanedit doe's just that, severian has shown that he's a faneditor with whom you'd watch out for in the future with any edits he maybe working on.

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