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This was a pretty cool take on what I originally thought was a great movie and later a confusing one and finally a movie that leveled out somewhere in the middle of my "favorites" scale. The best thing it had going for it was its connection to Alien. I went into Giftbearer with great hope that some things might be cleared up and some of the extras would be used the right way. While I'm not sure anything was really cleared up, the extras were definitely used the right way.


1. The TED talk scene- I really like this set up scene. It is a great explanation of who Weyland is and what his aspirations are. I thought about it's placement and where I would put it instead. Not sure if there is a better spot. Perhaps I would put it after the discovery of the ruins, but to each his own. Maybe what I would do is show the scientists finding the ruins, do the TED talk, and then bring them back to the crew getting ready to leave. Anyway, no big deal.

2. Moving the opening alien scene- Probably not a bad idea. I think it is important, but not necessarily where it was. I like how it was used later.

3. The extra dialogue scenes- beautifully woven back into the movie. All cool. All needed. Great job.

4. Audio between Noomi's dream sequence and the next sequence- You'll know it when you hear it. It goes from no sound to abrupt music. I'm no pro, so I don't know what I'd do there, but it is the one time I think I was aware something had changed.

Perhaps what I liked best is that you didn't really change the movie and what it is about, but rather added to the story. I never thought it was bad before. Now I just think it is better.

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