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FanFix August 04, 2023 2552
(Updated: January 27, 2024)
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Amazing edit. I'm sitting here trying to think of quibbles - no matter how minor - and am coming up short. I almost took a star off audio quality because I had to raise the volume on our TV to 50 in order to hear everything, but that's on me - I had my video player set at 40% audio output. Literally every single editing choice worked for me. The one 80's track I might want back was I Need a Hero, but DonkeyKonga thought of that and gave 5 audio options to pick from. For that generous decision, I would've given 11 stars for audio editing if it were an option!

I used audio track 1 and it fixed literally everything that I found irritating in the official release. The dog callback worked even better for me because it was strictly between the dog and Luigi. Deciding to redub a character is ambitious, but DonkeyKonga did it well AND avoided any obvious wrong mouth movements AND ad libed a line that added to the scene. Just incredible stuff and another example of the thoughtfulness and care that went into this edit.

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Owner's reply January 28, 2024

Thanks for the kind words! It makes me so happy to hear you enjoyed the ad lib!

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