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I must confess, my initial notion of Plan 2001 was Dracula, face cloaked by cape, stalking the white concourse of Discovery. How is Adabisi going to carry this off? How will the Count elude HAL? OK, my assumptions were off.

Instead, this edit aims to pull the pants down on Kubrick’s film, expose the pomposity and pretentiousness. No more monkeys, little of the elitist classical music, and none of that puzzling symbolism. Rather, he offers richly delivered vent after vent of flatulence. This is a 2001 that any beat up Wal-Mart location would be proud to stock.

Video - 704p, MPEG-4. First thing you notice is the abrupt clips of the Discovery, front and black, rapidly switching back and forth. Hoo dog! Just like the 70s. Only thing missing is the zoom in - zoom out gimmick. Overall editing is crisp and hard. Vivisection with a hatchet. This is effective with dramatic plot jumps that explode out of nowhere. The descent into Jupiter is trimmed, so that the star gate stuff seems minimized, which only heightens the lava lamp plumes. Good bender there.

Audio - 2 channel stereo, 256 Kbps MPEG audio. The film opens with astronaut Frank Poole running and shadow boxing to “Eye Of The Tiger,” one of the cheesiest inspirational tunes ever, typical of the 80s. And typical of what sort of other surprise ditties Adabisi has up his sleeve. Songs range from imbecilic to infantile to predictably clichéd. When that ole Moon hopper started jumping to “I Put A Spell On You" I knowed them folks on this Moon were a lot happier than on Stanley K’s Moon. Screaming Jay Hawkins, couple of robot tunes, shoot, the only thing missing is Bill Shatner crooning. Don’t discount Cap’n Kirk, neither. His mental tilapia capabilities makes him simpatico with the intergalactic set. That’s how Shatner scored the role! Anyhoo, I digress ... Using Floyd‘s “Echoes” for the Jupiter sequences is genius! Cannot imagine how many geek boys have attempted just that with VHS and vinyl. Wet dreams come true, and I bet there were busy joysticks during that bit.

Narrative - I saw this numerous times on the big screen. I even had the Arthur C Clarke paperback - since long lost. I never could make heads or tails outta parts of half the film. Like the hotel lounge at the end. And star baby, say wha? To echo one of the US Prestidents, I always get me a thinkache.

Even worse, Kubrick hired possibly the worst actors available, all of ‘em rambling in bored monotones. What are they, hypnotists? Kubrick could have used mannequins, marionettes or Ken dolls if all he needed was lifeless thespians. Call me delusional, but I think Adabisi trimmed their lines way down, with excellent results!

The original narrative is a glacially paced snoozer. Yawn - then - zzzzzzzzzz. Tightening was needed and Adabisi provided the chainsaw. Great example of this was when Dave is about to reenter Discovery and give crafty HAL a much needed lobotomy, only ka-boom, they are entering Jupiter already. One second, Dave is helmetless, next second, it’s on. How? Magic.

Enjoyment - Most edits seem to either salvage a broken film, perhaps a guilty pleasure, or create a new beast, an alternative narrative using existing footage. Less common are the editors, however, who opt to ridicule and mock. Guess that says something but I dunno what.

As Adabisi noted in the forum thread, his intention was to take the piss out of the original. By adding his own piss instead, he created something way better and way cooler. Mind you, this ain’t gonna be the first choice for museum retrospectives or Movie Appreciation 101, but in a kinder, fairer world, I reckon it would be.

Great job all the way around. Can’t wait to share this with all my know-it-all, I done-seen-everything friends.

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