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The musical pieces were really groovy. Kubrick's images and Adabisi's selections fit remarkably well; he's your DJ for this cosmic journey, and his touch is deft, aside from the opening sequence using the clichéd "Eye of the Tiger," which had me worried the rest of the movie would brandish indigestible music. However, excepting that, kindly refer back to the first sentence o' this paragraph.

The tunes range from rockin' to tripmellowy. And really, what better to enjoy some psychedelic music to than shit in space?

Sex, I guess. Well, no, I don't guess, but back to topic.

I agree with geminigod that the edit feels long, and it has a lot to do with the unremarkable bits between the music sequences. Kubrick's version had a purpose to everything feeling kind of spaced out, testing your patience, and his vision fuckupedly works much of the time, but this edit has so much flavor (be it jammin' or loungin') in its music, that the in-between parts seem superslow.

And that could've been avoided. Yeah, so the dialogue is wooden—some of the actors were made of dried timber—but the dialogue could have been excised drastically and still conveyed necessary story elements. Plus, those dronin'-on scenes were musicless, thereby almost inviting a snip here and there.

Dude, one bit of advice. The comments you made at the end of the edit. . . really, it's best not to say. If you're confident you've composed the movie that makes you happy, just let the movie do the talking.

The music at the end without much else—I found that pleasant and enjoyable.

Small, technical nitpick: the black levels drop abruptly at the end of the moving pictures and before the parting words.

Overall, this edit is worth a viewing for its marriage of music and images. Some of it is downright funktastic.
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