Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Extended Edition

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Extended Edition

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Extended Edition
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169 minutes
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183 minutes
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12 minutes
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This Fan Edit was obviously made by a Fan for Fans. So, if you don't really like Pirates of the Caribbean, especially the sequels, then ignore. This Extended Edition adds a total of 15 minutes. Some of the material is not exactly "important" but gives some nice touch to the film per se, in my opinion. Now, some other scenes are interesting to watch cause they give some character development and also they fill some plot holes.
Opposed to what a lot of people in this web site think, I believe Pirates of the Caribbean (Stranger Tides is trash for me so it doesn't count) is actually a very solid, interesting, fun, packed of action and full of very Epic moments trilogy. I never Hide it, i always thought that they are actually excellent films. However, i'm not blind. I can obviously see some flaws, but even with them, I really enjoy these films and I still do. It's an epic adventure.
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Sony Vegas 11 was used to edit this Fan Edit.
Cuts and Additions:
First of all, it's important to notice that all scenes were color graded and extensively edited in the sound and music department because the original scenes sounded a little bit old or unprofessional.

-Added scene with Tia Dalma trying to distract an EITC soldier to give Gibbs and company time to do their work.

-Alternative scene: We will see an extended talk of Barbossa and Sao Feng talking about the Brethren Court and Cutler Beckett. I made some changes to make some sense in the scene, and Raggetti looking at Elizabeth has been placed in other part of this segment.

-Added scene where Pintel catches the EITC spy fighting. So, when Pintel says "hey, i know him. He was in Singapore" later on the film, this scene will make more sense. In the original cut, they never have visual contact.

-Added scene where Pintel and Raggetti discuss about the riddle of "over the edge over again". It's a funny segment.

-Deleted dialog between Beckett and Mercer about what they are going to do about Governor Swann. This part was meant to explain in a more subtle way what happens to this character later on the film, reason to why the next deleted scene was cut. But since I decided to include the deleted scene, this part of the dialog would not make sense, so i cut it. Like 15 seconds were taken out in this part.

-Added extended scene where Davy Jones and Beckett discuss about interrogating prisoners and Jones actions being too violent. Part of the score was used at one part and sound effects were put in.

-Added scene where Governor Swann wants to kill Jones and he explains what happens if someone does that. It is not only a very powerful scene, but we can also see for the first time why nobody can stab Jones heart with more impact. We can see Bill Nighy dressed with his motion capture suit, but the scene is so good and important i decided to let it be.

-Added scene where Jack and Barbossa fight over the ship's control. It's a funny scene I think most of you will enjoy.

-Added an extended sequence were Pintel and Ragetti discuss about the stupid idea of getting tied to the mast upside down.

-Added a scene where Pintel and Raggetti mess around with the Kraken. Another funny scene.

-Added complete talk between Beckett and Jack/Barbossa and Sao Feng. To accomplish this, the scene was edited differently. Instead of "Jack and Beckett, then Barbossa and Sao Feng, back to Jack and Beckett, back to Sao Feng" etc etc, the scene was edited so we can see Jack's talk with Beckett first in a complete segment and THEN we see Barbossa and Sao Feng's talk, something i always found confusing about the original cut. In fact, in the director's comments, they actually said the scenes were edited like in this extended edition from the beginning, but they changed it for pacing issues. When I was a kid and saw it for the first time, I had no idea what was going on. Anyways, this conversation fills some plot holes and by it's own, it's very interesting and charming. Now, the conversation with Barbossa and Sao Feng is kind of different, so I edited some parts here and there to give it some flow.

-Added extended conversation between Sao Feng and Elizabeth, thinking she is Calypso. Not important, and adds nothing to the story (I guess it's why they deleted it xD) but still, it does not harm anyone.

-Added extended conversation Between Jack and Will about choices. It's interesting because it helps a little bit to build more Will's character in his final decision to choose Elizabeth.

-Added extended scene of Barbossa and Tia Dalma. They discuss about how she is willing to offer Jack her powers and protection if Barbossa doesn't follow her wishes.

-Added extra scene where the Black Pearl enters the secret entrance to the Shipwreck Cove. Adds mistery.

-Added extra scene where Gibbs questions Jack about his actions in the Brethren Court, knowing he is acting in a selfish way. This scene makes more sense when Jack and Captain Teague talk, because Teague was listening when Gibbs was talking to Jack, explaining why he gives a disapprove look to Jack, leading Teague to tell Jack he has to live with himself for betraying his friends and extinguish all his race. (I just love moments like this)

-Added Extended scene where Jack, Barbossa, Elizabeth, Beckett, Will and Jones make a deal. While adding some information, it's also funny. But it was trimmed to cut the unfinished Jones CGI.

-Added extended scene where Jack talks to multiple Jacks in the Dutchman, but trimmed to take out Johnny Depp dressing with CGI motion capture suit.

-Added extended scene where Barbossa gives a short but powerful speech before releasing Calypso.

-Added extended scene where the multiple Jack mess around while one of them loses his brain.

-Added extended scene where Jack is trying to escape Jones and makes spin the capstan twice.
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I remember buying Blu-ray from AWE, a while ago and watching many of the deleted scenes of the movie, wondering, Why did they cut this material ?, there was a better background of why Weatherby had been killed, there was a scene where Explained the background of Jack Sparrow, there was a very atmospheric scene where they entered the shipwreck island, etc. So for the most part I knew the material that had been cut. I saw the edition and unfortunately I understood why the material had been cut.

And do not misunderstand me, it is a fanedit well done, If someone saw this without seeing the original, would not capture what are the deleted scenes and those of the original footage, the edition is almost invisible, well a couple of times the quality is more mediocre than Normal, but apart from that are integrated well, There is a scene in which Nighy appears in motion capture suit, but I had already seen the scene before seeing the issue, so I was not surprised, it could be something strange, But Nighy's performance saves the scene from being weird. I no have tecnic problems or scenes that i hate. Despite that, there is a problem.

Those who enjoy AWE (like me), know the problems of the movie, the pace is very slow, many times, the story is very complicated, and there are many elements that pay too much attention that are not really necessary, while others Elements that if necessary are slightly reduced,

Yes, after several views it is difficult not to ignore things like that.

And here is my problem, the scenes deleted even if they contributed to the plot, slowed the pace even more, the long scenes felt even longer. In the extended version of DMC, it was not a problem, since the scenes mostly did not Slow the rhythm, But here the longest movie in the saga, it feels even longer

For what I am divided, on the one hand is too long and the rhythm of the original movie it is even more slow , but on the other hand, the material removed mostly is quite good and adapts so well to the film that seems to be part.

I guess that If you enjoyed the original movie, you probably enjoy this extended edition. If you hate the original movie, do not see it for obvious reasons.

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