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I watched this fanedit just like I would watch any movie, because that's what I think a fanedit should be.
First off let me say thank you, macmilln, for the hard work and the great idea. I rarely ever watch a fanedit these days, but this one seemed very promising to give "Passengers" another go. I was truly thrilled to watch this version.
I kinda liked the original for its premisis and the look of it, but unfortunately it was also a bit boring, long and very predictable. Also I am not much a fan of Chris Pratt's nice guy acting.

About my review:
I name it as I see it. It's my personal opinion. As an approach I start with the quibbles and work to the things I enjoyed, so the final impression hopefully is a positive one. And since it is one of my favorite movies I do it with "the good the bad and the ugly" as main topics.

The Ugly
Lots of little stutters in the scenes with moving cameras, especially wide shots, which I would not expect in an almost 6GB mp4 file. The fanedit titles and the additions of fanedited by in the beginning and the end all came with visible stutters and made them feel out of place, although the image quality was perfect.

The Bad
The beginning felt rushed to me. I had difficulties getting in the rhythm of the movie. I know it is intentional that I do not know what happened before and how I got there and am put in the middle of a scene (like in Solaris), but I would have liked it to get a little more time before the meeting of Pratt Lawrence.
There was a shot of the clean hallway in front of the control room. At the time Aurora wakes up, this should be messed up. If that was intended to be a flashback into Jim's memory it did not work for me. Perhaps this was only a quibble, because I know the original, but I cannot take that knowledge back as someone who knows and owns the original.
The flashbacks were not always working for me and at times took me out of the movie watching experience. I could have lived with less.
I was hoping for more "bad" for Jim's character and for more of a horror scenario. But that's probably just because I was teased by Nerdwriter's "Passengers Rearranged" on youtube, which is not the same as this fanedit. But it made me look for this one here.
The revelation scene by Arthur is a difficult one, because the audience does not know about the relationship between Jim and Arthur at that time.

The Good
This is a vast improvement over the original. It is so much more interesting and thrilling. The change to the atmosphere is significant, especially because you managed to successfully add an elemnt of surprise and not knowing what comes next. This was masterfully done and I had fun watching this. It still isn't a great movie, but it is so much better. Thank you for making it and showing us the power of the fanedit and why it is so important to make them and share them. Truly a great achievement.
I liked the characters a lot more in this than in the original.
The audio editing was awesome.
The video editing was great, no visible cuts.

Owner's reply May 03, 2020

Hey boon23,

First of all: I’m honoured that your first activity the forums in ~4 years was to watch/review my edit! And just thanks for leaving a review, as there’s lots who don’t.

I can agree and understand everything you said about the edit, besides the technical issues you mentioned. I just reviewed the footage on my computer, phone, and TV, and did not notice any of these ‘stuttering’ issues. As for the additional title texts having visual stutters: do you mean how they appear AFTER the main title? Because that was intentional. Or do you mean that there is actually a framerate issue of some kind with them? I’ve noticed what I think you’re talking about in other films, so I’m trying to look for the same in my edit, but I just can’t at all.

I unfortunately don’t have the source files anymore, so the issues you experienced are there to stay, but I’m curious to see what you mean nonetheless.

And as I said for everything else, yeah I can totally get behind/understand all of your critiques, both positive and negative. (When I edited this years ago, I couldn’t find a way to do the full Nerdwriter-inspired ending, maybe at some point in the future I’ll re-re-edit this and try to do so...

I also appreciate that you rate this like a normal film, where it makes sense to do so. I assure you I didn’t take your review as negative overall, because obviously 8+ stars are all amazing (though, comparatively, it may not seem like it ‘round here...)

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