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Wow, this was a nice edit, thanks LastSurvivor! I always liked the movie in the original, and felt it was a bit underrated, but found the references to the other Bond disturbing, I'm glad you took out all of those. Mind you, it's years ago, that I watched the original, so my memory is not perfect regarding every scene...

I loved that you brought Tracy into the focus of the movie, by reducing Bond's excessive promiscuity and by removing some of the plot regarding Blofeld (in that regard his character and role took a bit the backseat, but I didn't mind, as I just wanted to see how it went with Tracy, as she is such a magnetic Bondgirl).

So, in a sense, this is a very different Bond movie, it's not about saving the world or defeating the villain, that is only the sidestory, instead it's about saving Bond's love-life, he starts to get doubts and searching for something else besides his secret mission work, beside killing and having a jetlife. All that because he met a woman that is finally his match, his soulmate. And she, who has contempt for life and does everything to end it, finally finds something to live for after gotten to know Bond, she develops a hope for a future.

Very romantic and beautiful, and Louis Armstrong's song "We have all the time in the world" (this reminds me to buy a collection of his work, Armstrong has such a haunting voice) perfectly accompanies this throughout the movie to the sad and heartbreaking end (thanks for exchanging the credits-music with Armstrong's song, fits much better (though strangely it's in both audio-tracks for the credits, I thought one of them was the original one)).

I love how Lazenby plays Bond in that heartbreaking end-scene and what he says, it's not possible to do it better, an ending worth to be part of cinematic history, and now improved by you, thanks to the removal of the original music in the credits, and the use of Armstrong's song.


Very well edited, love it. The only things I wished were better:
1. The dining-scene with the girls should have been longer, as it wasn't established that Bond played that he were gay.
2. The credits in the beginning show scenes from older Bond-movies, which detracts a little bit, but that is only a very minor problem.
3. I wished the line "He branched off" was removed, it just didn't fit to the intensity of the finale.

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