Nuovo Cinema Paradiso: Best Guess Theatrical Cut

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A supposition of the version that bombed in 1988.
A noted failure on its original Italian release, the shortened International Cut of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (just Cinema Paradiso outside of Italy) became well-loved throughout the world; both it and the much longer Director's Cut (the September 1988 pre-release premier version, not so greatly appreciated) are widely available on home video.

I have often wondered about the version that did not woo Italian audiences or win the Special Jury Prize at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival and 1990 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. With little information available apart from the 155-minute runtime, I worked on the assumption that all the necessary footage was contained within the Director's cut and made an educated guess as to which scenes these would be, adding back what I thought necessary to the IC base.
Additional Notes:
See also "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - Suggested Longer Cut"
Other Sources:
Both cuts sourced from 2013 Arrow Academy 25th Anniversary blu-ray set
Special Thanks:
To my parents, who bought me the blu-ray set as a Christmas present way back in 2013, and the ever-entertaining critic Mark Kermode, upon whose recommendation they did so. Hello to Jason Isaacs!
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Editing Details:
The story is structured over three broad time periods (1940s, 1950s and 1980s), with the protagonist played in each by a different actor. The Director's Cut (DC) adds footage across all of them, but the most significant alteration takes place towards the end, during the latter period where Toto/Salvatore returns home to Giancaldo for the first time in decades. Only in this longer version does he meet a ghost from his past and uncover a secret that shakes him to the core, adding a tragic irony to the famous “kissing sequence” that closes the film.

It is likely that these mentioned scenes are present in the lost version since a character not featured in the International Cut (IC) appears on (what I believe is) the original Italian release poster. Also, on comparing the film’s two available versions one notes that the shared scenes immediately before this big change occur about nineteen minutes apart from each other; if one removes most of the DC changes made before this point they come quite close to the original 155-minute runtime.

Exported Full HD H265 with 5.1 channel sound. English subtitles burned-in (apologies to those who speak Italian and would rather be without them), may do a version with soft subs when I have more experience editing.
Cuts and Additions:
• Added FanEdit disclaimer and personal plate.
• DC from opening to his mother’s telephone call, to include Brigitte Fossey’s credit.
• IC scenes from conversation between Salvatore’s mother and sister to him waiting for Elena at the Paradiso, retaining the two cutaways to 1980s scenes of him remembering in bed. Inserted a few moments totalling ~1 minute that I like from the DC.
o Alfredo saying how he had the “luck” to live through two wars, a restoration of a segment within an IC scene.
o Alfredo and his wife at Toto’s family’s house during New Year’s Eve, showing that the two projectionists’ families have also grown close.
• DC scene of Salvatore waiting for Elena then searching for her while Alfredo waits in the projection booth.
• IC from Salvatore in army to end of funeral scene.
• DC until end; removed scene of Salvatore having dinner with his family and 14 seconds of the meeting with Elena in the car which referred to a conversation (regarding her intended fiancé) in a cut DC scene.

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