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I've avoided watching "Mother of Tears" for this long. Really I've avoided most Argento movies from the 90s and 00s because I'm scared... Anyway... I finally watched "Mother of Tears" this week and yeah it sucks so hard. For me I didn't care if the plot was dumb or boring. I was hardcore let down by the look, sound and style of the film.

THANKFULLY Dr. Sapirstein fixes those issues almost completely.

The new music is fantastic. Suspiria's score is iconic for a reason and Inferno's music is epic as all hell. Mother of Tears' non-soundtrack almost put me to sleep.

And the colors. Holy shit, this fanedit looks a million times better visually.

Everything technically is top-notch. The HD picture looked fantastic to my 480p loving eyes. The audio track sounds perfect to my deaf ears. The only negative edit was ... oh wait, nothing was wrong!

As far as the narrative improvements, yeah this edit is better. It's still nowhere near as epic as it needed to be, but the Doc did the best he had to work with. It was too short for my personal tastes but that's a small price to pay for not having to see or hear Sarah's mother ever again.

I enjoyed the hell out of this edit. If I'm ever going to watch Mother of Tears again I can assure you I'll watch this fanedit over the theatrical cut any day of the year.

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