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I really, really like "Batman Forever. " This fan-edit makes better, even better,

Not every iteration of Batman needs to be grimdark, and while this version it takes some liberties with the source material, it works. It’s an original take on Batman with some glorious lunacy, props, lines and scenes. It should never be conflated with the horrible "Batman and Robin." I would take it any day over recent studio junk like "Wonder Woman 1984," the paint-by-numbers blandness of "Captain Marvel," "X-Men: Apocalypse" or "Iron Man 2” or awful TV shows like “Batwoman” or the live-action Teen Titans.

The problem with “Batman Forever," though, is it got mangled by the studio leading to some dangling threads and odd transitions. It still works, but it’s a bit off-kilter.

This edit is not an effort, like the "Red Book" fan-edit, to change the tone. What it really does is complete the story effectively, while -- in my view, wisely -- retaining the overall visuals and over-the-top feel and dialogue of the original. I don't think the original can or should be changed into something more grimdark or Burtony, and this is probably the closest we can get to the fabled Directors Cut.

There are, of course, some issues with the quality of the additional scenes, which might be more apparent in a 1080 version, and it may just be me, but some sound edits seemed a bit jarring in the later part.

But all in all, my new go-to version.


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