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(Updated: June 12, 2023)
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The franchise that almost died on the vine before it really started.

Mission Impossible II eschews the twisty thriller mystery plot of the first film for a hokey James Bond-ish rom-com spy action film. I honestly haven’t seen this one in over a decade (maybe since theaters).

Master Faneditor Spence tries to salvage the original film by replacing the dated soundtrack (Limp Bizkit!) with Mission Impossible sound cues (from across the franchise). They also cut away 22 minutes to keep the film moving and keep the over stylized John Woo-ness in check.

Does it succeed? Mostly.

The new soundtrack works wonders, really, keeping it orchestral and in tune with the rest of the franchise. Certain plot elements work quite well, while we lose the climbing sequence, it doesn’t add much to the film, instead we get dropped in the plot with two new openings (the plane and Naya’s introduction). It’s almost as if Naya is the audience viewpoint in this Mission Impossible world, it introduces Ethan in a much more playful tone. This tone threatens to upend the entire film, to be honest.

Other elements get to shine more, the reveals in the cat and mouse game being played (helped by rearranged scenes and removing villain scenes trusting the viewer to keep up and as a result being more surprising overall), the tension in the heist sequence is top notch as well, the action is mostly well choreographed (I hate the wire fu in this film) and isn’t hampered by too much slow mo and other Matrixy tricks that were of that time. Although maybe a tiny bit more John Woo style would have been appreciated.

Unfortunately there’s not much the editor can do about certain things: It’s so strange that this film went such a wildly different direction in terms of action, rather than the grittiness of the first film it went almost over the top like Die Another Day. And the core of the movie doesn't work, the relationship between Ethan Hunt and Naya is still weirdly quick. And yes the bloody finger feels like it comes out of nowhere, but it's for the better as that scene spells out way too much on the villain side.

Also some of the action feels off, as the visual trimming is felt and not as smooth, particularly near the end.

Overall the fanedit is replacement worthy and the best way to watch this film in the future.

Film Rating: 2
Fanedit Rating: 3

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