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Part 2 of the Miami Vice Trilogy--Everyone has a score to settle...
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The Vice squad has a new commanding officer, Lieutenant Martin Castillo, a tough ex-DEA with a dark past. Crockett and Tubbs stumble upon a plot to heist a hotel vault and attempt to intervene, leading to the discovery of a much larger and more dangerous criminal enterprise involving an old nemesis of Castillo's from his days in the Golden Triangle drug zone. The Vice team is quickly forced into a game of cat-and-mouse with a deadly foe.
This is the second part of the Miami Vice trilogy, a fanedit series of the best TV show from the 80's, full of fast cars, flashy lights, pastel suits, great music and bad dialogue. This film focuses on arguably the best-potrayed character on the show, Marty Castillo, played by Edward James Olmos who won an Emmy and 2 Golden Globes for his run on Miami Vice. Recolored, regraded, and with revamped audio, this edit is for fans and newcomers alike, faithful to the tone and story of the show, presenting the Golden Traingle arc in one film.
Additional Notes:
The edit is sourced from the DVD version of Miami Vice, as there is no Blu Ray release as of October 2014. As such the image is in 4:3 ratio and SD. The episodes used to make this edit were "Score/Golden Triangle p1" and "Golden Triangle p2". Also uses bits from "One Eyed Jack" and "Made for Each Other"
Other Sources:
Closing credits song: "Tomorrow" by Miami Nights 1984
Special Thanks:
maxgremlin for his great feedback, Studioeighty for the original poster design
Release Information
Editing Details:
Miami Vice Season 1 DVD, Adobe Premiere Pro
Cuts and Additions:
1) Film opens with opening counterfeit bill scene from Made for Each Other
2) Castillo's introduction from One Eyed Jack inserted here
3) Credits recut
4) Crockett/Tubbs' walk up to Castillo at the hotel cut to remove credits
5) Cut Castillo's flashback to sea
6) Cut Castillo's first few lines with the crooked lawyer due to on-screen credits, replaced them with voiceover
7) Shortened Castillo's conversation with Crockett/Tubbs about the Golden Traingle
8) Cut Noog-man and strip club scene
9) Cut Switek/Zito's scene with Noog-man
10) Regraded footage to make reds more vibrant
11) Various cuts and trims for pacing
12) Removed all commercial breaks
13) Rescored end credits
Cover art by ranger613 (DOWNLOAD HERE) image


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It's always good to see the vintage and versatile offerings of Olmos, and this edit packs a really hefty punch. With some inspired touches (the opening and the regrading) and seamless removal of promotional consideration, there's a lot to take in. This is something that's hard to describe at times because the experiance speaks better volumes than a couple of paragraphs. Do yourself a favor and let Ranger take you back to an adrenaline-charged era.

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