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Matrix Revolutions Decoded, The
September 03, 2014    
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i am a massive fan of the matrix trilogy, but i do understand that number 3 was a bit of a muddled and bloated mess but there were some scenes that did end the story it was just in a whole lot of crap.

well i am happy to announce that is no more as Jerick just made the whole matrix movies work perfectly. i was a big fan of the matrix reprogrammed, now i have an even better cut and every thing goes in to place.

i did not miss any scenes at all this is well edited and thought out, i love the new end credit sequence and i can not praise Jerick enough.

thank you sooooooo much this, it is the perfect matrix edit, now all we need is the wachowski brothers to see this so they dont stuff up any other matrix movie they have planned and to see what they could have done instead of what they did.

i 1000% think that everyone who ever liked the first matrix to watch this one as it ends the matrix series off perfectly and this will replace all my other matrix fanedits and the sequels in my collection.

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Thanks for the enthusiastic review! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the ending as it was one of the most difficult edits in the film to plan for. I'm glad that the work has paid off.

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