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(Updated: October 11, 2023)
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My favorite fan edit ever.

After the success of the original Matrix, the creators decided to follow the story with an animated film a video game, and 2 full-length feature films all to be released in 2003, this ambitious task resulted in the 2 sequel films suffering from too many unnecessary scenes, a lot of needless subplots, confusion because you need to play the video game and watch the animated film, Annoying characters that shouldn't be involved in the story, etc...
There is still a good story in all of this mess thus, Matrix Reloaded and Revolution are some of the films with the most fan edits.

Personally above all of them "Matrix Revolution Decoded" stands out, not only does it fix everything, but it solves all the them in a clever way that improves the story and enhances the themes of the movies that weren't well explored in the original.

I see some people who don't give high scores because they don't like the narrative changes, but even if you don't like them the alternative solutions that the fan edit provided still make sense and allow the editor to cut a lot of bad moments, that would hurt the film.
The movie is 100% enjoyable from start to finish and it is on the same level as the original Matrix.

Watching the original now feels like watching a parody of this fan edit
It doesn't matter If you have never seen the Matrix sequels, hated them, or loved them.
Don't be bothered with them anymore and watch this instead

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