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My favorite Matrix edit so far. I used to dislike the whole Zion thing and liked the Dezionized edit for a while, but it leaves many important things out. I think this edit deals with Zion perfectly, trimming out the fact and making it an enjoyable experience.

Secondly, this edit doesn't mess with my favorite part of these two movies: the whole Merovingian thing, including the mansion fight and the freeway chase. Some editors feel like they're too long, but touching those is a no no for me.

Alas, with such a pair of deeply flawed movies there cannot be a perfect edit. I guess I like the fact that Neo doesn't have powers over the machines in the real world. The prices, however, is a nonsensical scene with the ship flying to Machine City while an army of artillery is bombarding it, not to mention a legion of sentinels, and nothing touches them. Also, Neo is blind, like really blind... which, now that I think of it, is left unexplained (again, a small price to pay for eliminating the painful Bane/Smith atrocity).

All in all, a great job by Jerick and a very enjoyable watch.

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