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Matrix Hacked Reloaded
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Matrix Hacked is the most daring cut of the sequels ever, disregarding the existing storylines of the originals for a whole new approach. Just impressive!
Ok, I LOVE the first Matrix. I was a bit of a fan of Keanu (whoa), and I got mild enjoyment out of Johnny Mnemonic (I am a big fan of William Gibson). When I first saw the film advertised I couldn’t believe someone was stupid enough to let Keanu near another CyberPunk film. I did drool at the prospect though. Opening day I took the day off and went to see it. I then saw it again that evening with a friend. And again a third time later that weekend with my sister. This is in fact the only time I have seen a first run movie 3 times in the theater.

Matrix 2 and 3. How could I not like the idea? The second one was weak. They even tried embarrassingly to rip off the theme of The Empire Strikes Back for the ending. The Architect is his father; Neo-Solo is frozen in carbonite; Trinity is his sister. (j/k) Ok, sophomore slump. The third, man that’s gotta rock right? #2 was just the wind up to the main event…
I nearly chewed my leg off to escape the theater while I was watching it. I couldn’t believe the Wachowski’s had gotten so lost from the original film. I tried to wipe the whole experience from my mind.

BUT after watching the really nice things the CBB Group did with the DeZionized Matrix I was struck with the realization that the movies may not be as irretrievable as I originally believed. To get the best film though would require complete disregard for the material and the filmmakers. A cut so daring that some would call it impossible, genius or even daft. So this has been gestating for over a year. Nine drafts of the script and a lot of on-the-fly changes, a lots of false starts and versions, but it is done.
Cuts and Additions:

Incomplete due to extensive editing. More extensive info at Original Trilogy Forum thread.)
Both films sport new/different beginnings. (Matrix 2 starts with dream/flashback from Matrix 1)
Both films sport new/different/more upbeat endings. (Drastically so for Matrix 3)
Neo has been restored as the only One… ever.
The Oracle isn’t in hiding.
Gloria Foster partially restored to explain her change of appearence.
To remove annoying or rambling dialog: Less Locke. Less Kid. Less Merovinian rambling. Less home life with Link. Less Councilor Hamann.
Merovingian doesn’t extol the virtues of the French (this was the only time in any of the 3 films that a real geographic location is named. Oops.)
Neo isn’t worshipped as a god.
Trainman plot thread removed.
Machines do not talk of love.
Action spread around better in Matrix 3 to prevent sensory overload.
Neo doesn’t have magical powers in the Real World (more Zatoichi less Mua’dib).
No Rave in Matrix 2.
No extended introduction to the soon to be dead goons.
Extended and recut Trinity’s flight. (Different riff on this than DeZionized. But props to the CBB group for blazing the trail.)
Last Exile Plot thread removed.
Neo doesn’t zap squids or faint.
Sati and family removed.
Morpheus – Locke – Nioble love triangle removed.
Maggie (and a few others) now survive.
No infantry plot line (send in the Mechs!) to remove gritty war film feel.
Super Brawl relocated.
End of war celebration added/relocated.
Cover art by CBB (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Cover art by CBB (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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a review for both Reloaded HACKED and Revolutions HACKED

(and it also contains some ranting)

The Matrix sequels, comparing to the original, are really really bad movies, especially Revolutions. Everything in the first movie build toward the climatic final that made me go “YEAH!!!”
The sequels almost felt amateur, too many characters, too many dialog scenes, that went nowhere. In the first movie you had character and story development during the action scenes, but in the sequels the action scenes just go on and on without any real purpose than being cool. Same with many of the dialog scenes, I guess it supposed to sound smart and deep but no it’s not.

I think it was a huge mistake to shot them back-to-back. Instead the Wachowski’s should have written an outline for both films then written the script for Reloaded and really concentrate on that one, making it as good as they possibly could make it. Then when it was done, released etc. start with Revolutions, that way they would have had more time with each film and with that increase the quality. Some of the things that were in the sequel were laugh-out bad.

Reloaded HACKED
The new opening and the new ending of Reloaded is a genius move. With the new opening I feel like I’m more updated of where the story is when it starts off and not like the original cut where it felt like I was missing something. Ohh yeah, I have to play Enter the Matrix and watch Animatrix first, how stupid of me...

The new ending is awesome and while it recycles some footage from the first movie (they are easily recognizable) I can let it slide because the outcome is so much better and I wanted more...NOW!

In between we have basically a cut down version of Reloaded with Neo being the only One, no worshiping, no Zion rave and much less Kid (I do wish you had cut the spoon scene). Doctor M basically cuts down on the bad stuff in order to bring out the good stuff. This worked really well for the scenes when we are introduced to Zion. Even Neo and Trinity going at it works really well now. So the editing in Reloaded HACKED is really good, I just wish the action scenes would have been re-envisioned aka re-cut.
Even when Neo dodges bullets etc. in the first movie it all felt grounded in reality and therefore felt more dangerous and I ended up caring more about what was going on. In Reloaded Trinity jumps from a nearby rooftop on a motorcycle, jumps off halfway to the ground and safely lands in a cool position. Same goes for Morpheus fighting the agent on the roof of the truck. He couldn’t even hold his ground for one minute in The Matrix and now in Reloaded the agents are upgraded. Ridiculous.

Revolutions HACKED
Reloaded and Revolutions really are one long film, not like the first movie that stands alone but are part of the whole, or like any Star Wars movie for that matter.

The best thing Doctor M pulled of is how he handles the Oracle. IT-WAS-PERFECT and made 100% sense this time and I didn’t feel like, ones again, I had to seek out tie-ins to make it make sense. Very good.

Now to something not as great...The fanedit now tells the story very different from the original cut but unfortunately the cuts aren’t as smooth as with Reloaded HACKED.
I felt that everything up to Trinity rescuing Neo was anticlimactic. Revolutions Hacked pretty much starts with the big epic Neo/Smith fight and then we only have Zion fight left and of course Baine. It kind of plays in a cool way now, considering everyone thinks there is nothing else smith-y left to fear. But I can’t help it, it felt sort of anticlimactic.

All in all I think you should watch this because it tells a alternative story of the sequels, mostly the ending of Reloaded and entire Revolutions. And even though I hate to say this, I can’t help it; I don’t think these fanedits are better then what we originally got, counting all the good parts vs. all the bad parts. Some things are better sure, but as complete movies I rather watch the original cuts. Now this isn’t something that the editor should take personally, Doctor M did a very good job, I just don’t think it was enough.

I got excited about watching this because when reading about it it seemed like Doctor M, a hardcore Matrix fan, just couldn't take it anymore being screwed over and made it his quest in life to fix these movies. And he did a really good job with it, it just wasn’t enough and truthfully I don’t think these movies ever can be really fixed.

The DVDs doesn’t have menus, movie only (but with chapters) couldn’t care less (I’m here for the movie not some stylish menu) but mentioning it here because others might do.


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