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Movie-to-TV December 18, 2022 8247
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This is the edit I have been waiting for in regards the MCU.

By about movie 20, the timeline of the movies was getting quite convoluted and though I had no real issue with it, I did want to go back and watch all of them chronologically.

This episodic conversion hits the spot in spades!!!!

It is flawlessly executed right from the start. At no point did I feel that any of the choices of break points or transitions to end credits or opening titles was forced. The natural flow of each episode, the skillfully constructed recaps, and the sympatheic title captions etc were all seamless.

I found myself being dragged trough this effortlessly.

The technicals are all top notch and I love the logo to boot.

When I previewed this for approval, there were some minor issues with audio levels and these were all expertly addressed. None of it would have prevented an approva IMO, but Notflix went right ahead and applied them regardless.

I can't wait to see the next seasons of this gargantuan undertaking and appluaded Notflix for their commitment, imagination and prowess.

Open your eyes to the MCU in a whole new light!!!!

Owner's reply December 29, 2022

Wraith, you have left me speechless. Thank you very much for leaving a review, but above all I am very glad that you enjoyed this first season, that is the only reason why I embarked on this edit years ago. Hopefully with this craziness, others can enjoy a little more the MCU they knew, and even those who weren't fans until now will definitely convert. Come on, guys, when you enter this multiverse, you can find a lot of fun!

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