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I watched this firstling debut and, although it's a good debut and a relatively easy stepping stone (clean center channel and often criticized film) there were a few 'speeding' choices I didn't agree with.

Lois being 'a friend' after she turned up for the first time at Clark's father's grave didn't really feel well at all and kind of came out of nowhere (since their first meeting was cut). Clark's discovery of the scout ship rather was abrupt as well as from one scene to the next he just appears there, but once inside the cuts flowed well and nothing was missed. Rather than playing cat and mouse, Jor-El appeared to Clark as if he had been waiting for him. Very good cuts there. Zod's global hack into all streaming devices didn't go as smoothly as written either since it always kind of felt off. The initial focus fell on Clark and Martha but shifted all over right after even though there was no inclination. Superman breaking Zod's neck came very swiftly. Whereas in the original Zod was toying with him, inadvertently giving him time to consider his options, the neck break here came about as if Superman intended to do it all along. Kind of a missed opportunity.

The remainder of the edit flowed well and I have no comments there. Cutting the Krypton flashbacks was an obvious choice and it worked great.

I recommend this edit to people who can overlook these flaws and are looking for a quick Man of Steel movie night but I don't recommend it in general. Too many obvious plot holes were created by cutting up the film rather than fixing ones that were already there.

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