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Now this was an edit I truly enjoyed. Some of the minor changes really help improve the narrative, even if relatively minor. These include Clark smashing the truck and satellite - both behaviors that really should be out of character for Superman lore and just diminish his character. The trimming of various fight scenes also helped smooth out some of the pacing issues this movie had because they would get needleslly dragged out.

I really enjoyed the additional soundtrack inserted throughout the movie to give certain critical moments extra emotional impact. This was a nice touch by the editor. The color correction also helped make things pop out in a more positive manner. You would also be hard-pressed to notice any of the cuts made. All new audio inserted was smooth and seamless.

Some of the minor narrative differences I had were the removal of Jonathan indicating to Clark he should not be saved and the removal of his scream after killing Zod. I felt those few seconds were critical into allowing the audience to understand Clark's raw emotions.

I want to thank the editor for sharing this nicely done edit with me. This will be the version that I intend to rewatch in the future.

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