Making of Split Unbreakable Glass - Part 2, The

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The deep dive continues...
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Following the release of Making of SUG Pt 1, people asked for more information, so here it is.

This will be followed by a final deeper dive into the narrative structure in Part 3, coming in February 2022. That will be a feature length release combining parts 1-3 AND will include a surprise announcement.

Part 2 is heavier on the spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
To delve deeper into the techniques and choices made in delivering on Split Unbreakable Glass.
Other Sources:
CD Soundtracks to Split ,Unbreakable and Glass.
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead for putting up with my typos and relentless tinkering.
Thanks bro!.
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The project looks at:
- Event Removal (from Dialogue and visuals)
- Modifying existing music cues
- Replacing Music
- Adding Music
- Mid Sentence dialogue removal
- Creating new scenes
- Repurposing material
- Sound mixing
- Credit roll creation
- Full audio /foley rebuilds
- and more
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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