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February 12, 2017    
(Updated: March 25, 2017)
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Director Scott apparently has less interest in a direct sequel to Prometheus, at least at this time.
Fear not! TMBTM has reedited Prometheus so that its place in the Alien chronology is specific to the first movie.
The tempo has been increased in this one, and there is more ambiguity, bordering on confusion at times.

Video - 1280 X 720p in well contrasted black n white. This is inside a m2ts container, which I worried my computer or player would have trouble with. I did have troubles, but not with the visuals. The editing is expert, as to be expected from TMBTM, including a grim surprise I won’t divulge. The black n white accentuates the Horror component, as well as echoing SciFi movies from the 1950s.

Audio - 320 kbps, 6 channel mix, as well as 2 channel likewise 320 kbps. My computer handled the 6 channel, my player could not. I created a workaround. The sound is robust, dynamic, but never clipped. SUBS? Yes, there were subtitles, French and English. Once again, my player could not render a file, this time the pgs subtitle stream.

Workaround for subs - I demuxed the English pgs subs, converted to srt. There were inconsistencies after the OCR process which had to be sorted. Several long lines had to be broken, typos fixed, and at least one very brief passage needed a longer timestamp. For those who might also have trouble with the pgs subtitles, my srt conversion is here -

Narrative - Despite heavy cuts, the narrative holds together and works well. In the final act, the action is extremely compressed, though remains easy to follow. The plot twists are inventive. One passage, however, so befuddled me that I wrote TMBTM for clarification. His reply was lengthy and detailed. Suffice to say, characters make more assumptions in his version, than in the original. When their assumptions are wrong, there are consequences. These add to the ambiguity of the story, and left this viewer with an uneasy aftertaste - in a good way.

Enjoyment - The edit lacks the grandeur of the original, though the original is a disappointing failure of broad ambition mangled by sloppy, poorly focused writing. This is an edit I more appreciated rather than enjoyed primarily because the characters are as annoying as ever. In particular, the Abbott & Costello shtick of Fifield and Millburn abides. Other characters have the depth of Petri dish specimens (aside from David, who is better developed here than in any version of Prometheus I have watched). Nevertheless, as rousing B-movie entertainment, this edit, particularly the finale, is an adrenaline rush. This is a great late night ride. Strap in for high octane excitement.

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