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FanMix February 05, 2016 1902
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Ha ha ha ha.
Banned but not forgotten!
I wondered why only 60 of Maniac’s 100+ edits were listed on the Fanedit Database.
Bummer, dude. Ah well …

Overview - Maniac combines Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 into one blood drenched fantasy reel for Mick Taylor lovers. Mind you, a little of smiling Mick goes a long way.

Video - 1920 X 1080p AVC. Day scenes were vivid, nights equally so. I like how the two movies have been shuffled somewhat. The first half seems to have more cuts and editing, and moves quicker as a result. Much of the finale occurs in Mick’s “den,” a grisly bachelor pad, with more static camera work.

Audio - 128 kbps AC-3. 2 Channel stereo. No subs. Dialogue (Mick’s nonsense, along with whimpering, pleading, groaning, etc ...) is clean, though Mick’s Oz Outback accent can be a strain at times. Subs still given for German hikers. No unusual fadeouts, music cuts. New Isham music is effective.

Narrative - As noted, a little of this goes a long way. Most of the cuts are of the “meals” or victims, so must viewers will not develop much empathy for them. Not that you have much empathy with Mick, he’s still the spooky neighbor you try not to engage with.
To be blunt, the narrative is huntin’ - hurtin’ - killin’.

Enjoyment - Ohhhhhhhhhh, not so much. I liked both features, they seemed to breathe more. This edit is a remorseless grind. To be fair, Maniac retained the dread of both films, the trapped, doomed ambiance that worms into the viewer’s gut. Few of Maniac’s edits are happy rides. This nasty slice shredded humanity will surely please Maniac’s fans.

Word - Sorry to see Maniac get kiboshed. He was prolific and skilled. This site could use a version of Herschell Gordon. Still, he had been in the cross-hairs almost since his arrival.
I still am in contact with him. For your “Wolf Creek” fanatics, he tells me he has the BluRays of S01 and S02 of that series. I suggested he go to OT and post there.
Who knows?

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