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Original Movie Title:
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Original Release Date:
Original Running Time:
176 minutes
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
114 minutes
Time Cut:
63 minutes
Time Added:
1 minute
Brief Synopsis:
When I first saw the 3-part/3-hour 2009 'Moses Jones' BBC mini-series, I was blown away by how good it was. However, it was not what I had expected from the promotional material, it was a multi-layered, multi-character exploration of immigrant identity. But I'd thought it would be a familiar Police Drama, focusing primarily on the two Cops played by Shaun Parkes and Matt Smith. So this is my attempt to create the movie that I'd expected.
I've tried to focus the narrative solely on the two Cops Moses and Dan and only introduce the secondary characters when our two leads meet them. Unlike in the original, we the viewer will uncover the facts of the murder, as Moses and Dan are uncovering them... we will almost exclusively, only see what they see.

I've also rearranged and changed certain parts of the narrative to make it flow better with my new cuts. The ending has also been rearranged and rescored and a new credits sequence/montage added.
Other Sources:
Moses Jones (PAL DVD)
Goldfrapp - Supernature (CD LP)
Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (CD Single)
Special Thanks:
Thanks to those who contributed Soundtrack ideas and other suggestions in the Edit thread.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Digital
Special Features
PAL DVD5 (Chapter-Points and Animated-Menus)
960x540 SD MP4 (3.5GB)
Editing Details:
- Tried to replicate the 'documentary' editing style in my cut
- Removed a third of the material not relating to Moses and Dan or that was needed for the plot
- Reordered many scenes to change narrative and flow
- Held back the reveal of the villain until 90 minutes in
- Removed several subplots
- Recut, rescored and rebuilt the ending
- Added new credits/montage
Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added TM2YC Ident
00.00.11 - Added BBC Films Ident
00.00.28 - Removed onscreen BBC Logo and replaced with 'Third World, First World' music video footage (And colour corrected it)
00.00.40 - Removed original 'Moses Jones' Episode 1 titlecard and replaced with 'Third World, First World, music video footage (And colour corrected it)
00.03.53 - Removed scenes of Joy, Gerald and Joe and created fade into Gerald's abduction
00.03..57 - Brought Gerald's abduction and discovery of body forward
00.04.43 - Added new 'London' titlecard
00.05.46 - Removed outside establishing shot of Moses
00.07.35 - Brought autopsy scene forward
00.08.10 - Removed scenes of Solomon, Joe, Matthias and Mahoney
00.08.48 - Mixed in additional office SoundFX
00.14.57 - Removed footage of Matthias, Mahoney, Peter and Paul
00.16.59 - Brought forward scene of Moses speaking to his Mum from Episode 2
00.18.22 - Removed scenes of Joy, Solomon, Joe and Dolly
00.24.06 - Mixed in additional music by Goldfrapp
00.24.13 - Removed scenes of Joe and Dolly
00.29.50 - Removed Episode 2 titles and recut footage and dialogue and brough scene forward
00.30.29 - Removed scenes of Matthius and Joy
00.32.14 - Removed scene of Joe
00.33.01 - Removed scene of Solomon and Joe
00.33.10 - Removed scene of Solomon and Joe
00.33.30 - Brought forward footage of Selwyn
00.34.19 - Removed more Episode 2 titles
00.35.52 - Removed scenes of Solomon, Peter, Paul and Joy and trimmed church footage intro
00.39.26 - Removed scenes of Matthius and Dankworth
00.43.40 - Fixed mis-cropping error in original shot
01.00.22 - Removed footage of Joe, Joy and Dolly
01.03.56 - Removed footage of Frank and Joy
01.07.48 - Pushed back Solomon's violent reprisal until after the fire fatality
01.07.56 - Removed Episode 3 title sequence and recut end of Episode 2 into a new music montage
01.09.54 - Replaced 7 shots that featured onscreen credits with shots from the 'Third World, First World' music video
01.18.24 - Rmoved scenes of Matthius
01.22.56 - Removed refrence to Solomon
01.28.10 - Removed scene of Matthius and Frank
01.28.18 - Recut and cropped fire footage so we don't see Matthius' face
01.29.24 - Recut and rearranged morgue scene to focus on Solomon
01.30.41 - Removed scenes of Matthius, Frank, Joy and Dolly
01.33.37 - Altered edit into Mutilators to preserve emotion a little better
01.35.02 - Removed angry crowd shots
01.35.08 - Removed scene of Matthius
01.36.30 - Removed scenes of Matthius
01.38.19 - Removed scenes of Joy and Solomon
01.39.52 - Combined both scenes of Matthius and Solomon into one
01.42.40 - Trimmed dialogue between Matthius and Solomon
01.42.57 - Trimmed more dialogue between Matthius and Solomon
01.43.04 - Trimmed more dialogue between Matthius and Solomon
01.50.00 - Radically recut and rearranged the ending montage. Removed all dialogue from Joy, added additional music and replaced Sound FX. It now runs smoothly from serious to happy unlike the slightly inconsistent original
01.51.53 - Removed Joy mentioning here desire to leave London soon, to add more weight the ending
01.52.32 - Mixed in additional sound FX to replace original's removal
01.52.37 - Mixed in new music over finale and credits: Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes Feat. Robert Owens (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
01.52.54 - Replaced original TV style credits with slightly more filmic ones and created a new montage of London documentary footage to play underneath (Graded footage to match body of the film)
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

London (5 Minute Preview)

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I'm not too familiar with Matt Smith's early work outside of "Party Animals", but TM2YC has provided me with a neat insight into his pre-Doctor Who days with this smooth edit of a tv mini-series he did called "Moses Jones". I often like watching edits of things I've never seen, it's the measuring stick of any good edit if you can enjoy something fresh and be completly absorbed in the experiance. The edit also boasts some impressive custom titles, and the story suits itself well to a feature trim. Crime dramas, unless it's name begins with Sherlock, are not usually my bag, but the story is actually very engaging and has some unique twists that we learn with the characters as they work the case, following their journey keeps the pair's unique methods and journey key to the story and we learn and enjoy time spent in their company. I may have to check the original mini-series out now and start comparing, but for a first-time view it stood out.

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