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This edit needs more attention due to the fact of the original movie that flew under the radar.

As the other two reviews stated, i love the original too and was interested how an edit as this would work out. Because the second act of the original movie kind of drags a little bit compared to the (brilliant) first.
So to got rid of the whole second act i assumed would work, it nearly did. Nearly at least for me. because i think something should have been kept in to tie jason´s fate more to avery. It feels i little indifferent and we, well i, couldn´t make sense of avery´s apology at the end (if i put myself in a position of a first-time viewer).
As stated in a previous review a little more intercutting between jason and luke (party and luke hitting kofi) would´ve been neat.

I was a little bit worried about cutting some of the first half, but seeing it in the end was a great idea because now there is a more emotional connection from the past to the present. The original lacked that a bit because the second act made you "forget" it.

What i didn´t liked was the trimming of the "one-shot" sequence of luke.

The editing video-wise is mostly fine. Sometimes i´ve found the transitions a little bit odd (e.g. at the end when luke rides of with the car of avery and we then go to romina - this was also a audio transition i didn´t like).
Would´ve loved a 5.1 track but that´s just my preference.

Nevertheless, all in all it´s a worthwhile edit and reminded me of what i love about this movie.

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