Legend Beyond the Pines

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The 1st and 3rd acts of The Place Beyond the Pines are intercut to highlight the similarities between Luke Glanton and his son.
The Place Beyond the Pines played out linearly as an anthology film in three parts. I thought it would be interesting to intercut the 1st and 3rd parts of the film, which cover the storylines of Luke and his son, Jason, respectively, whilst reducing the 3rd act considerably to make it more tolerable and focussed on Jason.
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Editing Details:
The goal was to trim down any poor dialogue or unnecessary scenes from both acts (mostly the 3rd), delay a couple reveals as much as possible, and choose suitable points for 3rd act scenes to be placed. A couple scenes were moved to later points as flashbacks.
Cuts and Additions:
1st act cuts:
*Shortened Luke's walkout.
*Cut "you look like an angel".
*Cut "you pick a place you like, we stop. You don't wanna be there? 'F*ck you' we're out of there."
*Cut Luke dancing with the dog.
*Cut Luke and Rowena in bed.
*Moved scene of Luke, Rowena and Jason taking a photo so that it is now the penultimate scene, serving as a flashback.
*Some other minor trims to fit better with the 3rd act scenes

2nd act was cut entirely.

3rd act cuts:
*Cut all scenes not involving Jason.
*Cut Jason and AJ meeting at the school.
*Trimmed down Jason and AJ talking in the park.
*Cut Jason and AJ getting busted and let off.
*Cut AJ asking Jason about his real dad.
*Cut Jason asking his mother about his father.
*Cut scene of Jason searching the internet for his father early.
*Trimmed scene where Jason sees the newspaper report of his father being killed. This reveal is moved to later in the film as a flashback.
*In the scene where AJ asks Jason to steal drugs, all mention of the previous drug bust are cut.
*Party scenes were trimmed.
*Zoomed in on Avery's photo.
*AJ showering is cut.
*Other minor trims.

Scenes were from the 3rd act were then (linearly) placed throughout the 1st act so that both stories play out in parallel.

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(Updated: July 22, 2021)
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This is a truly excellent edit that sadly doesn't seem to be getting too much attention. Maybe that's why most editors choose to concentrate on doing blockbuster edits: those are the ones the majority of people like to watch. As for myself, I love out-of-the-box choices such as this, taking a film that's a pretty powerful drama to begin with and turning it around in a way that makes it even more powerful. Gone is the Avery story, which is good stuff but wouldn't fit here, and what remains highlights the parallels between the father and son stories to make both of them work even better than as separate. Some lines even get a new meaning: "the bike is part of the family" so close to the last scene is a stroke of genius. If anything, I would have desired to have the story cut back and forth between the crib scene and the house party in order to have Luke hitting Kofi and Jason attacking AJ a bit closer to each other, but that's nitpicking and the structure works fine as it is.

Audio and video quality are flawless overall and the editing itself is masterfully realized. However, there's one flaw that stood out like a sore thumb in this otherwise so carefully crafted work: that closeup of Avery's photo in the wall is in the wrong aspect ratio and goes over the black bars of the edit (think unintended Imax). Guess the editor forgot to mask it before rendering.

This is the first thing I've seen from Heavisyde, and damn, this guy can edit. Highly recommended.
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