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November 4, 2008

KILL BILL X is a most of all chronological re-edit of Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2, which is also shortened a lot to have a more decent watching length.


What was done? Events were ordered, so the movie starts with the wedding, continues with Beatrix waking up and then finishes with her finishing her enimies one by one in the true order. The faneditor had to cut a lot and to re-arrange a lot to get what he wanted. He made seveeral cuts for a new interpretation of scenes.

Did it work? Well, it worked kind of good, but not perfectly, some scenes felt too long (The Japan part – althoughit was heavily cut) while others felt too short (the wedding massacre). Sometimes it seems so much was cut out that scenes were not making much sense, or parts were missing: when Buck falls down he is completely knocked out, but he ONLY got his heel slashed. When Oren gets hurt, it isn’t shown. You see her struggling, but the scene is missing (and I missed it). The crazy 88 are mentioned by Bill, but they are compeltely removed from the movie. beatrix battles only the bodyguards and then Oren.
This is an interesting fanedit still, because it feels very different to the original movie. The addition of the Pai Mai scene is nicely done and very entertaining. I had difficulties when the faneditor made Beatrix kill the daughter of Vernita Green, but it made compelte sense in the end, because Beatrix’s daughter was also dead. Unfortunately the finale with Bill without Beatrix’s daughter felt stretched and had a wrong feeling to it, because Beatrix was way too nice to him.
What worked really well were the specail ideas of the faneditor, he did a lot to improve scenes and make them work to his intentions. The editing itself was very well done, pitcurewise and soundwise.

Conclusion: This is a very special edit. It has great moments and is definetly worth to be watched, because of nice ideas and a different feeling for lots of scenes that worked well. Still the originals are IMHO way better.

The Extras: no extras, except for a fun trailer, which is very nice to watch.

Video editing quality: Great. I didn’t find flaws or bad transitions. The faneditor chose cuts where he felt them necesary and they were all fulyl integrated into the movie.
Audio editing quality: Close to perfect. the Pai Mai scene was dificult there, but he worked kind of well around it.

movie rating: 3 of 5
video quality (compared to the original): 5 of 5
audio quality (compared to the original): 5 of 5
editing: 5 of 5

overall rating: 4 of 5 FE stars.
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